Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Level Up in Tales of Wind (Laplace M)

The first thing you will be required to do in Tales of Wind (Laplace M) is to select a class and start your adventure. Even though there are only four main classes, later on, you will be able to choose between 2 more promotion paths that each of your champions can follow.

Choose The Best Class According To Your Playstyle

The first thing you will be required to do is to select a class and start your adventure. Even though there are only four main classes, later on, you will be able to choose between 2 more promotion paths that each of your champions can follow.

Each class has its unique features related to the promotion path that you will choose for them later on.


You can transform a Warrior to a Paladin or a Berserker. Defense and dealing Damage are warriors specialty. Thus, their subclass will definitely be something related.

  • Paladin: The primary role of a paladin is to support his team by tanking using his holy shield. This is great if you are into protective and engaging gameplay style.
  • Berserker: This subclass allows warriors to sustain some amount of damage while also inflicting a massive amount. Such a class is great if you are planning to solo and selfheal using your life


The Mage can choose between a Pyromancer or a Frostweaver. Since this class belongs to casters, you will be able to deal a lot of damage and use some crowd control when faced with enemies.

  • Pyromancer: If you thrive for burning spells and fire, this is the class which fits you best. Having the fire element by their side allows them to do a hell of damage which is so good for PvE and soloing.
  • Frostweaver: As the name suggests, you will be using high damaging frost magic which is highly needed for PvP since you can stun your enemies and freeze them on the spot. It is also useful considering the crowd control, mainly limiting enemies movement, that this class possesses.

Best Extra Tips And Tricks To Progress And Play In Tales Of Wind (Laplace M)


The Cleric can either transform into a Priest or a Ranger. Pro players may find this class excellent as they can either heal or damage. Thus, the Cleric subclasses are vital especially for world events.

  • Priest: To have a good team formation is to have a priest among its ranks! A priest can do many useful tasks from resurrecting a dead ally to healing. Having a reliable support by your side is a game-changing factor as you will be able to handle challenging fights if the player is proficient enough with that class! Priests hold the life of the tanks between their hands!
  • Ranger: The Ranger is the lesser version of the priest and is more balanced. Why? Because they can heal and do damage at the same time using their curse spells. Thus, it is a mixed class of a support and a ranged damage dealer.


The Assassin can either transform into an Asura or a Ninja. The Assassin is almost a death god and mastering it is way too hard and challenging. This class is mainly used for PvE yet it can also be useful in PvE.

  • Asura: They deal with massive damage and curses are their specialties. Compared to a ninja they only lack stealth aspect
  • Ninja: As expected from any Ninja they can use their ninjutsu to summon, hide, or perform quick and deadly hits.

With this in view, the total of classes is eight. If you are a newbie, you should consider playing a smooth and yet highly damage dealing class.

How To Level Up Fast And Increase Your Combat Power (BR) Efficiently in Tales Of Wind (Laplace M)

Leveling fast and increasing your combat power is a must in Tales of Wind (Laplace M) to stay ahead of your friends. Here are some video guides with quick tips and tricks on leveling up fast and to increase your Combat Power (BR) in Tales of Wind (Laplace M)

Don’t Use Autoplay

Aim your skills: Autoplay isn’t recommended in Tales of Wind. Thus, most of the time you will need to aim at your target manually. To do so, you will have to tap and hold on a skill which will indicate the trajectory of the hit. Follow this guide to facilitate your aiming.

Complete Your Daily Kingdom Quests

Kingdom Quests offer you the most fantastic reward considering the small amount of time that you have to spend finishing them. You might have to form a team to be able to do certain quests. The nifty team finder option made this task easier. However, we advise you to do them all daily so that you will be at the top!

Destroy Your Useless Gear

Trash your rusty gears as soon as you get better ones. To do so use the Disassemble All button which you will find in your inventory. The only items you pay attention to are cards. Whether they are worth keeping or not is still up to you to decide.

Equip Cards In Your Equipment

You will drop Monster Cards while fighting boss monsters mainly during Kingdom Quests. Each card has a different rarity and provides you with statistical boosts for your champion if you embed it on your build. Thus, we highly advise you that you always embed the bests cards on your gear as soon as you drop them. Why? because you can, later on, integrate them to any new equipment with no hassle.

Get Your Sign-In Rewards When Ever You Log-In

It is easy to forget doing that, but do not be that guy! Always collect them by signing in as the day will come when you will find them handy! Also, as you blast your way through the levels, you’ll be rewarded with free stuff. Most of the time, this will happen every 20 levels.

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Look Throughout The Map For Extra Quests And Challenges

By clicking on your minimap, you trigger visual clues that will indicate you the coordination of the hidden content needed to be completed. By doing so, you will be able to know the location of challenges, quests, and any piece of content that you may have overlooked.

Upgrade Your Skills When You Level Up

Whenever you level up you get a skill point. You can spend points to acquire new skills or upgrade the previous unlocked ones. Each time you level up to do this and keep checking for any future skill acquisition requirement to be entirely sure you are on the right way. If yo make a mistake, do not panic as you can always reset your skill points.

Use Egg Nets To Get Guardian Eggs

From time to time you will get Egg Nets. What are they!? Well, you can use nets to capture new pets. Check your inventory once you get one and click on it. You will be teleported to the location in which you can use it.

When you finally capture some, I advise you to add your best pets in your array as it will be worth it considering the stats boosts that you will acquire ! Being overwhelmed by leveling up you may forget this, but do not neglect it as it will definitely come in handy!

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Your Array Is Where You Can Place Your Best Guardians

You can both send out a pet and slot it in your array which will benefit you with an incredible statistical boost! We advise you to keep checking if your most potent pets are most of the time slotted on the Array. Doing so is an excellent way to get stat boosts yet such a thing is easy to neglect!

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