Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play and Win in Golf Blitz

Try Using Different Powerups

While playing Golf Blitz, you will end up visiting more than 50 different locations. The diversity that the game provides is absolute. Not to mention that each level entails a new form of powerup. These features are what make the game exciting, charming, and addictive!

For instance, Speed Ball is one of the main power-ups in the game. As the name suggests, this booster can provide you with speed needed to your shots. Speed Ball also allows you to send the ball over a significant distance. However, the purposes of use of this booster vary.

The game offers a plethora of other powerups. However, unlocking them requires a certain amount of experience points. They will make your life easier, so what are you waiting for? Instances of Power-ups such as sticky balls, grenades, or lasers can be helpful when you aim to conquer your opponents.

The Super Ball

This booster can assist you in crossing vast distances. For example, you can use the rocket-powered shot to direct the ball towards the endpoint hole. The booster is market with a red color, and the ball will transform into flames when you activate this powerup.

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To sum up, Super Ball is an excellent tool that can be of great assist when playing Golf Blitz. That is why we recommend players to invest and upgrade this particular booster. To be accurate, investing in developing the Power feature means the drives that you try will fly across the course with ease.

The Sniper Ball

While playing Golf Blitz, a variety of useful powerups could be at your disposal. Surely, you have to unlock some of them. But, the beginner stages of the game will provide you with three boosters. Furthermore, players can upgrade the powerups and improve their chances of more victories. The first powerup which we will talk about is called Sniper Ball. At the bottom of the screen, you will see three icons. Those icons are the boosters, and the crosshairs one is the Sniper Ball.

Guessing the primary feature of this booster is easy. The Sniper Ball enables you to fire a pinpoint shot. Improved precision is handy in tight and closed spaces. If you use this powerup, you will direct the trajectory of the ball with high accuracy.

Use The Power Of Physics To Your Advantage

Use physics to get an advantage: Hitting the ball hard and fast might help you win from time to time, but we found out that accuracy is what you need to ensure your victory! For instance, you could whack the ball for a long distance yet it lands on the curve of a hill near you. Hit it correctly, and it will undoubtedly end up further away than those who just hit it harder. Always use the environment to your advantage.

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Increase Your Favorite Stats

Play to your strengths when leveling up: When leveling up, you can choose to invest in power, speed, cooldowns, or accuracy. Think about how you like to play and then spend your skill points appropriately. Like using a lot of powerups? Invest in cooldowns. Want to hit the ball harder than never? Invest in power. Play to your strengths, and you’ll go further.

Be Quick, But Don’t Rush

Quick thinking is valuable in any kind of sports. This rule applies to Golf. That is why it is vital to act swiftly when playing Golf Blitz. Above all, the name of the game suggests supersonic action and instantaneous reflex. To put it briefly, you can’t waste time dwelling on past mistakes when engaging in a Blitzkrieg to triumph in a golf course.

However, Golf Blitz will compel you to cool down after each shot. As you advance through the game, the cooling period will get reduced. In the beginner stages – you will wait around 2,5 seconds before being able to take another swing with the club. Thus, it is vital to make a quick move once this period is over. What time left before getting another shot will be displayed to you by a red clock positioned in the middle of your screen.

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At any rate, we recommend you to be attentive when hitting the ball. In most of the cases, you can win the course by making well calculated shots and utterly chilling. If you rush your moves, you could mess up your shots. Thus, high-quality shots are what you should seek.

Additional Tips And Tricks For Winning In Golf Blitz

Watch this gameplay where the most strong player compete in a tournament in Golf Blitz. You might pick up some new tricks to beat your opponents!


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