Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Guide, Tips and Cheats on How to Play in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 4

Collect All The Dragon Balls

If you’re an anime or manga addict, then you surely know that gathering the 7 dragon balls is the main task in each season. As for the game, it is basically built on the same concept. Collecting these balls will give you bonuses that vary, such as choosing to recruit more allies. By doing so, you will increase your character slots by 10 and simultaneously earn 10 dragon stones

Get And Save Your Free Dragon Stones

Early on at the start of the game, you will be awarded a fair amount of Dragon Stones save them! Dragon stones are like the gems or the rare currency you get in every other game. And if you’re free to play player, you might want to save as much as you can.

To multi-summon some dope and rare characters all you need is those Dragon Stones. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t use them to resurrect once you lose a fight. Losing can only imply that you either are a newbie or your character levels aren’t high enough. Thus, all you have to do is either level up your characters or gather more useful items. We are going to provide you with some tips!

Quality control can be considered highly essential. Sometimes the game seeks to make you do multi-summon because those alternatives are the most recent, brilliants, and strong characters you could ever acquire.

Log In Every Day

It’s anything but difficult to sign in daily if you’re going to play at all time. In such case, the best option to reclaim your logging in reward each day as each time you do you will end up getting a far better reward.

Join Daily Events

Events vary each day, so do not waste your chance of getting unique rewards. As a newbie, you will surely benefit from this! Get a strike of wins and obtain items which will unlock your characters or allow you to obtain Zeni.

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Understand The Types Of Auras And Powers

There’s a decent possibility that you know Pokemon, especially when you are Dragon Ball addict. The good thing is, in case you are, is that you will be able to follow up with no issues. But even if you have no idea, do not panic as I will shortly explain what you have to do and cover the basics. Similar to Pokemon, you will discover that there are five different types of characters which are PHY (brown color), INT (violet color), TEQ (green color), AGL (blue color), and finally STR (red color).

It should be evident from the type chart that each type has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, the PHY (brown color) is robust against INT (violet color) but weak against STR (red color), etc.. Basically attacking an enemy using a weaker type will allow you to do extra damage multiplied by one and a half. On the off chance, you do the opposite; your attack won’t deal any real damage. Thus, you should get this in mind as by doing so, you will boost your damage and select the right character for the right fight rather than depending on luck.

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Always Bring Healing Items

Regarding Dokkan Battle, recovery items are considered highly vital as they enable you to fight stronger opponents using a weak team. Among the top healing items, we can note the senzu beans which will restore all of your stamina and make any status ailments disappear.

You will find them everywhere in the game so gathering a considerable quantity of them won’t be an issue. For that reason, whenever you plan on fighting someone try to keep 2 healing items with you. You will surely need to use them.

Train Your Characters

You cannot fully experience Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle without training. This feature is useful as you must know how to use opponent weaknesses to your advantage. The more you play, the more knowledge and experience you acquire. Actually, you can find a training character feature in the game. This feature will speed up the leveling process of your character. You can even select which character to train or assemble those who share the same color to gain extra exp. Moreover, selecting two similar characters will improve its Super Attack, which is way too amazing.

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Link Skills

Finally, I want to talk about Link Skills basically positioning allies close to each other can improve your offense, defense, and ki. For instance, you will notice the advantage that you will get when putting Fused characters close to each other(Gotenks and Vegito) or when putting powerful females together (Caulifla and Videl). Most of the time, these link skills can come handy, especially when there is a high chance of not having any good matchups considering your current squad. Moreover, link skills would pave you the way to rank up among the top.

You must always remember link skills when forming your team. Why? simply because you will want to have a compatible squad of toons regardless of what you decide (going entirely Gt, Fully Z Fighters, or Fully Saiyans).

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk

This is a video showcasing a mod apk for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, this apk will provide you with insane boosts to your gameplay. Though we advise you not to use this apks and play the game without cheating!

These are just some of the best tips and cheats to help you get the best out of the game early on. Most of all, remember to have a good time and to learn as you advance in the game!

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