Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes

Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes 4

Welcome to another guide for Magic Rush Heroes. Magic Rush Heroes is an Free Strategy RPG game released back in 2015, it currently has more that 10 millions installs in the Play Store, and has received a lot of positive feedback from the community. If you want to experience a strategy game with an RPG style then this game is surely for you.

Equip Your Heroes With Runes

Your heroes will gain experience and level up by time, yet can upgrade them quicker if you equip them with runes. Click on a hero’s equipment screen if you require a rune, and you will be provided with the coordinated of where to find it. Know that if you run out of rune slots for your hero, it is time that you tap on advance and start promoting them to the next level. Each time you successfully level them up from one tier to another, you will enormously boost its states.

Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes 5

How To Make Gold In Magic Rush Heroes

The currency of your kingdom is gold, one that is highly needed for the advancement of the game. By spending it you would gain Soul Crystals, Runes, and Blue Items at the wishing pool. You will also need gold to be able to level up your skills. How to get gold? Easy, use your free wishes at the pool, search for chests, and get grinding. Each day you will be given five free gold summons so use them wisely.

Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes 6

Regarding water levels, you can touch the floating chests. This way you will gain extra gold. Besides, Once you have conquered Growth and Experience trials, you can go back and clean the trials to get tons of gold and additional experience. As soon as the growth and experience trials reset, you will be able to receive more loots and exchange them for gold. Know that Gold watches will be worth it as you ‘ll get a high amount of gold in exchange for them. There is also the alternative of redoing the numereous levels to pick up some more gold and runes.

Sweep Completed Levels

Not just early accomplished, early three-starred. You can “sweep” a level to farm for experience and runes if you completed with at least three stars once. Your earnings may vary as you can always get some elixirs through sweeps, which pave you the way to level up your team members faster. Sweeps are not free as you will be required to spend stamina in exchange. However, except on the bright side, you won’t be losing anything else. We would recommend you multiple sweeping levels as that way can earn a vaster array of runes.

Make Sure Your Team Is Ready

To achieve victory, you must be aware that Team-building with your characters is a crucial element. Do not forget that they are your heroes! Your champions !. Besides the fact that you need to treat them with love and respect, you should also get to know them every trait of them. And yes, we mean stats.

Each hero is optimal for a different type of battle. One hero can be fare far better in certain areas than any other hero. Honey, Mira, and Aurora are your heroes choice for any Arena battles, Gearz is your choice if you are strategic as you can target the back row for when you need to. Each details matter. You need to know the abilities and equipment of all your heroes before you send them out off to battle. Take note of their unique special skills and the map of the battlefield.

Guide, Tips and Tricks in How to Play in Magic Rush Heroes 7

Tip: For a good early strategy, you should choose a tank unit, a healer, and a marksman. Once you do use your experience elixirs to level them up with right away. You should also take care of their runes and abilities before any other units and do not forget each one of them is unique. That way, you’ll have built a great team that will allow you to further advance in the game with no worries of any future battle struggles and so on.

Connect Your Facebook Account.. It is Worthy

Connect your game to Facebook! Once you do, you can exchange stamina with your friends or recruit new people to play the game with. By doing the latter would earn you some awesome rewards ! how neat is that? Do not hesitate, if you know someone who plays lots of mobile RPGs invite him in!

Always Check The “To Do ” Suggestions Task

Use the To Do button in the drop-down menu to your advantage. The To Do button exhibits your achievements to reach and quests that would help you level up, gain equipment, and pull in more gold. Do not forget to check the To Do section from time to time, if you get lost it will be your guide!

Also, do not forget to always check for your free summons. They don’t usually stick around for too long, so be sure to snatch them up as soon as you see them.

Extra Tips and Cheats for Magic Rush Heroes

Check this video for additional tips and cheats for Magic Rush Heroes!

Magic Rush Heroes Tier List

In Magic Rush heroes there a lot of characters you can pick from, if you have any doubt on what character to pick here are some videos showcasing opinions on various heroes per classes.

Magic Rush Heroes – Marksman Tier List

Magic Rush Heroes – Legendary Tank Tier List

Magic Rush Heroes – Support Tier List

Magic Rush Heroes – Cannon Tier List

Magic Rush Heroes – Legendary Mages Tier List

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