HighSchool DxD Season 5 Release Date: Confirmed Date? When it is Coming Out?

HighSchool DxD Season 5 When it is Coming Out?

The 5 Season of HighSchool DxD has been confirmed, and the fan popular harem anime series will surely come back for a continuation. The last season of Highschool DxD Hero was a success, and the anime didn’t disappoint to surprise the fans. The Season 4 of HighSchool DxD was just aired in June 2018, and instantly the fans are expecting for the announcement for the Season 5 of Highschool DxD.

For Season 5 of the anime, the management of the production is now held over by Passione Studio. The executive, Yoshifumi Sueda has already chosen what to put in the Season 5 of HighSchool DxD. According to Sueda, he is going to pick a tiny part of the story from the light novels and adjust it into the anime. There is already plenty of material in the light novels which can be surely adapted into the anime variant of the series for the Season 5 of HighSchool DxD.

Passione studio and the creator Sueda have declared that the Season 5 of Highschool DxD will proceed with the ‘Hero Oppai Dragon’ story from the light novel. The arc was begun in the Season 4 of the anime and has included two books 9 and 10 from the light novels. The anime has always been catching up with the manga very carefully, and therefore it is reliable to assume that the new season of HighSchool DxD will follow the books 11 and 12.

Ichiei, the creator of the series completed the 12th volume of the series in 2012. If we examine the light novels, there is still more material for more seasons.

Previous Episodes of the Seasons of HighSchool DxD

The story of HighSchool DxD begins with the start of the Middle-Class Promotion Examination. While Issei, Akeno and Kiba will study for the test, Koneko will start to act skeptically. Koneko has seen Issei and Rias’ closeness upfront. The story of the anime takes an interesting twist when Azazel brings Ophis and head of the Khaos Brigade to the Hyoudou Residence.

It could be a wise solution to the mess of the third Season where the author decided to insert three light novels into 12 episodes, and it flopped miserably. Also, the third season of HighSchool DxD bent apart from the source material and was disliked by the fans of the series.

Passione Studio is working hard not to repeat the same errors made by the original creators. The anime series which do not stay attached to the manga storyline usually annoys the fans. One of the most outstanding examples for this is Tokyo Ghoul, as the anime did not remain loyal to the manga and was despised by the supporters.

The animation studio has not presented anything official regarding Season 5 of Highschool DxD, but earlier they had affirmed that there would be a 6th season of HighSchool DxD to finish the current story arc.

HighSchool DxD Season 5 Release Date

Passione studio has been pretty occupied last year with the release of the anime ‘Citrus’ which was followed by the prompt release of ‘Highschool DxD Hero’ in June 2018.

Passione studio is well known of working on a single anime at a time, and currently, they are working on the anime ‘Z/X Code Reunion’ which is stated to be released in late 2019. After that, the studio is reserved for the anime, ‘Project [B.B].’ The release of Highschool DxD Season 5, can simply come after the release of the anime Project [B.B].

The release date of HighSchool DxD season 5 depends on the Passione studio and their schedule plan for their current and forthcoming productions to determine when to release the season 5 of HighSchool DxD. Although, we can carefully speculate that the release of Highschool DxD Season 5 will be in between fall of 2019 and the first half of 2020.

HighSchool DxD Trailer

If you haven’t watched HighSchool DxD here is a quick trailer of this awesome anime! ?

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