How to Beat Kala in Indivisible

How to Beat Kala in Indivisible

The first fight against Kala is no challenge in the game. However, the second fight against her is considerably more difficult. Instead of having just one health bar, Kala has multiple that you’ll have to carve through. There’s also one essential thing that you’ll have to do to complete the battle. If you fail to perform this crucial technique, you’ll have to take down even more health bars.

Firstly, you’ll be going into the as Ajna alone, so make sure you’re comfortable playing with the character. Mostly, you’re just going to have to wail on her. The best attack to use in this scenario is the simple upward strike. This move-in particular works perfectly because of the damage you can deal. Additionally, the attack can also land multiple times.

However, you can’t just attack with no caution at all. Kala is the final boss in the game, and her attacks will destroy your health. It’s likely that once or twice, you’re going to have to face the boss to learn attack patterns.

Making sure you know the attack patterns will help you deal with anything that Kala throws at you. Furthermore, having Razmi in your party for this battle can help a lot. Razmi can allow you to heal quickly whenever the boss gives you time.

The final part of the battle requires you to block as much as possible. It’s the regular combat phase. However, the only thing different is that you can’t attack Kala. If you can block all of her attacks, you should be good to go. After a little while of her attacks, she’ll calm down, and then you can wail on her properly.

With this guide and a little luck, you will successfully navigate your way through beating Kala in Indivisible.

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