How to Beat the Serpent Queen in Indivisible

How to Beat the Serpent Queen in Indivisible

Indivisible is a new 2D RPG game that’s quickly gaining a massive following. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity is the brilliant boss battles the game has to offer. All the bosses in the games are unique and provide a different challenge to one another.

Unlike other games, the bosses in indivisible require you to think outside of the boss. No battle is entirely straightforward. Each boss will have a particular trick or exploit that you’ll need to learn. One boss that isn’t particularly difficult but has an annoying exploit is the Serpent queen. The chances are that you’ve already gone through this boss; however, if you’re having trouble, this guide will explain everything.

Fighting the Serpent Queen

The battle against the Serpent Queen will start like any other in the game. In any boss battle, you must take a healer with you. Bosses can do considerable damage to your hero so that healing can help. Try to avoid her attacks while slowly whittling down her health. Once you reduce her health past a certain point, the battle will shift into another phase.

The boss will move into the air and start firing down energy blasts. At these points, your attacks will not do anything, and the boss fight may seem broken. However, what you need to do progress is reasonably straightforward. After every three strikes, the serpent queen will absorb energy from the gate in the middle of the arena. Once she’s absorbing energy, press the button you use to save the game.

Pressing the button will allow you to enter Ajna’s inner realm. Once inside this realm, you’ll be able to absorb the energy and attack the queen. Attacking her will bring you back to combat mode.

Once you’re back in combat mode, you can take her down like you would any other enemy.

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