How to Get a Mount in Guild Wars 2

How to Get a Mount in Guild Wars 2

Traveling on foot in Guild Wars 2 might seem exciting at first, but it will later become frustrating once you progress through the game. Luckily, for this very purpose, there are Mounts in Guild Wars 2. Mounts are different animals on which you can ride from one place to another, something which makes traveling easier. While traveling on foot can be fun sometimes, you should still get yourself a Mount for some situations. After all, who won’t enjoy riding a beautiful animal in the vast world of Guild Wars 2?

How to Get Mounts in Guild Wars 2

At the moment, there are a total of six Mounts available in Guild Wars 2. All of them are different in their own respective ways. If you’re currently wondering how to get Mounts in Guild Wars 2, then the following guide can help you out.

1. Raptor

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At first, we have the Raptor. You can pretty much guess which animal this is from its name. But if you can’t, then the Raptor is a dinosaur mount. It is probably the easiest Mount to get in the game, and players love how fast the Raptor is. It can help you cover large distances quickly and gives you an extra 100% movement speed. In addition to this, this Mount can also help you during combat by using Tail Spin, through which it jumps and deals damage to nearby enemies.

If you’re interested in getting this mount, then you can unlock it by completing the Sparking Flame mission.

2. Springer

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The Springer is yet another amazing Mount in Guild Wars 2. It is a bunny rabbit and most players adore it for its cuteness. However, despite how adorable it is, the rabbit can jump really high. And if you ask how high, then it can jump over cliffs, big walls, and much more. In short, if you’re looking for a Mount that can help you reach higher places, then the Springer is what you’re looking for. As for how it attacks, it will basically do a Cannonball on your enemies to knock them out.

This giant bunny rabbit can be unlocked after you complete the Highjump Ranch heart region in the Desert Highlands.

3. Skimmer

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The Skimmer is a really unique mount as it hovers above the ground. This is something useful since it can help you with crossing hazardous and water areas. Not only this, but it can even take your enemies down by doing a barrel roll, which is the Skimmer’s main attack.

In order to unlock the Skimmer, you need to complete the Skimmer Ranch task region in the west of Elon Riverlands.

4. Jackal

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The Jackal is a really powerful Mount. It is a large magical Wolf that can help you travel by using teleportation. Not only this, but it can also use special sand portals in the desert, something which can come handy during many times. During combat, the Jackal will jump and attack your enemies.

If you’re interested in getting this wolf Mount, then you can simply get him from the Djinn Enclave in the Sand Jackal Run. For those who don’t know, this place is located in the southwestern part of The Desolation.

5. Griffon

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The Griffon is a really interesting Mount as it is a mixture of an owl and a dog. This Mount can help you travel around the land of Guild Wars 2 by flying, thus making it the only Mount that can fly. However, keep in mind that it will only fly as high as from where it started. This means that if you want it to fly higher, then it will be wise to make him fly from a high cliff.

In order to unlock the Griffon, you need to complete the Path of Fire storyline.

6. Roller Beetle

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The Roller Beetle is a giant beetle that can attack your enemies by rolling into them. The best thing about this Mount is that you can perform various tricks in the air and even acquire some special barriers through it.

Unlocking this Mount is a little different from the other Mounts. You will first need to speak to Spearmarshal Zaeim and then Gorrik in the Allied Encampment after you complete the Long Live the Lick Forearmed. Afterward, all you have to do is collect Beetle Juice, a Beetle Saddle, and some Beetle Feed. Once you do that, the Roller Beetle will be yours to keep.

We hope that the above guide will answer your question of how to get mounts in Guild Wars 2.

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