How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

How to get a Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

Call of Duy Mobile is yet another repetition in a widely acclaimed, long-running series, but this time it’s on mobile. Just like tradition insists that a new game has to be made every so often to let the money roll in, it also insists some things stay in the game forever. The nuke, for example, which is a killstreak award that enables you to destroy every single enemy on the map without any worries. Of course, this is not really a simple action to perform and is somewhat quite hard to achieve, but if you want to be a sociopath in a game, then it’s the necessary amount of work.

Requirements to get the Nuke

For starters, you have to realize that there are, in fact, two requirements to get a nuke in Call of Duty Mobile. The first might seem hard at first, but it’s quite simple once you compare with the second. You need to reach rank 20. Once you do that, you get the nuke ability, just like that. No need to equip it. No need to do anything. It is automatically unlocked upon completion of this requirement.

How to use the Nuke in COD Mobile

But this is where it gets tough. Once you’ve reached rank 20 and you get a skill streak of 20 in a match, you’re rewarded with the nuke. Congratulations, you mass murderer, you deserve it. COD Mobile is comparatively more straightforward than the console mainstream versions when it comes to killing others, but getting 20 kills in a row without dying is still a tough thing to accomplish to get the Nuke.

Nonetheless, once you do it, a nuke becomes available. Upon using it, your character will open a briefcase computer and let the nuke do its work. Just note that this won’t end the match. Which might seem surprising considering past Call of Duty titles have allowed the nuke to be the final judge, but Call of Duty mobile keeps you in action even after the nuke. It merely wipes every single enemy, then the match resumes. What a blast!

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