How to Get Access to Roseway in The Outer Worlds

How to Get Access to Roseway in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is the latest game from Obsidian Entertainment, and it certainly shows with all the resemblances to Fallout: New Vegas. Much like it’s spiritual predecessors, The Outer Worlds also tasks you to traverse from one area to another to progress the story and unlock the grand map.

One of these areas that you have to traverse to is called “Roseway,” which is directly related to an early story mission. However, it can be quite confusing as to where to go.

First off, you need the Distress Signal. Once you are done with the first mission with the Deserters on Terra-2 and Edgewater, you’ll be at Groundbreaker, where the scientist “Phineas Welles” tells you to locate a woman called “Gladys.”

Once you find Gladys, she gives you a task in exchange for the nav key that she holds. She wants you to investigate a Distress Signal coming from Roseway and see what’s going on.

Note: Alternatively, you can pay her 10,000 bits to skip this altogether and get the nav key quickly without having to do the mission. However, without excessive grinding, it’s not likely that you’ll have the cash rolling around you to afford that.

Once you accept and receive the distress signal key item, head to the Unreliable, and proceed to talk to ADA. She will then play it, and you can now access Roseway.

Congratulations, with this, you’re now closer to accessing Roseway. However, if you look at the navigation terminal, you’ll see that there is no option to access Roseway on the map. This is because the Roseway landing pad can only be reached once you’re on the planet menu.

So you’ll want to select “Terra-2,” and you should be able to see two options: the Edgewater Landing Pad, and the Roseway Landing Pad (your destination). Select the latter, and watch yourself zoom into space.

This will continue the main story and place you in Roseway. This whole ordeal takes as much as 10 minutes, so good luck, and have fun!

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