How to get Credits in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

How to get Credits in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

Being a mobile game, it is impossible that there won’t be different forms of currencies, some of which rely on microtransactions. Such is the case with Call of Duty Mobile, which hosts multiple types of currencies. There is a premium currency called “Call of Duty Points” (great name, I know) and a more standard one called “Credits.” Relatively simple, right? One, you buy and get less of, and the other you get more frequently. The latter is the focus of this. This guide will teach you how to get credits in the easiest way possible.

But first, what are credits? What do you use them for? Credits you get simply by playing the game, as is the case with non-premium currencies. Otherwise, you can get some by completing different types of challenges. You can use these to purchase different weapon types or weapon skins, not to mention the most useless flex: Sprays.


By far, the best time to get credits is during events. Call of Duty Mobile has numerous events that are ongoing at the same time. By checking the Events tab from the main menu, you can see which events are going on and what rewards are available. These rewards include various things, including, of course, credits. Check these Events often because you might be missing out on some easy dough.

Weekly/Daily Challenges

Then there are Weekly Tasks. Similar to Daily Tasks, but they get cycled out weekly, hence the name. You can try to complete these as some of them offer credits, which was what we signed up for in the first place. Similar to events, head to the Events tab and scroll to the Weekly Challange tab to get an idea which challenges are available. Some rewards can be supply drop crates, which also contain credits, so why not?

call of duty mobile cod daily weekly quests

Battle Pass

Then there’s the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass. Completing this rewards you with credits at different levels. The Battle Pass can be achieved by completing various challenges and claiming points from them. These points are then applied to your Tier Level on the Battle Pass, and multiple levels reward you with items. There is also a premium Battle Pass to earn even more credits as you progress through the levels, but face it, we all are Free to play people, and buying something is beyond our mortal wealth.

cod mobile battle pass

Watch Advertisements

The last one is a bit time consuming, but if you have nothing better to do, why not? You can watch in-app advertisements by clicking on the video There is a limited amount of ads that you can view, and you’ll be placed on a cooldown timer after watching one ad, but otherwise, go nuts! This method is the least recommended, of course, but it’s an alternative nonetheless.

Hopefully, you can amass enough credits to get what you want, but remember, ultimately, cosmetics are just cosmetics, the real beauty is always in the game itself.

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