How to Get Free Gems In Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes (Without Hacking or Cheating)

How to Get Free Gems In Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes (Without Hacking or Cheating) 4

How to Get Free Gems In Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes

Crystals are a premium currency in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and the most essential type of premium cash in Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes since it permits you to acquire the Chromium Data Cards that unlock more heroes to play with for both the Light and Dark faction, but also provide you a lot of other potential advantages, like receiving more energy, resetting the time counters and so on. In other words, like any premium money, the Crystals in this game are remarkably useful.

Luckily, you can get some for free from the game, which unusually happens in mobile games, and we are here today to discover how to get more free crystals in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. It’s a lot smoother than it is in other games and all you have to do is to be effective.

7 Effective Ways to Get Free Gems in Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes

1.Log in daily during the month: you will get numerous and extra crystals if you do by accumulating the daily rewards. So even if you don’t have sufficient time to play, at least log in to take your rewards

2. Complete the daily tasks. You can earn a lot of extra crystals daily by merely completing the straightforward daily missions.

3. Finishing the general campaign missions, on Hard mode and even Normal mode also compensates you with free crystals (the first time you achieve them). Not the best source of freebies, but hey these are free crystals! So make sure that you keep getting new tasks.

4. Check out the achievements as well: achieving them also compensates you with free crystals, plus a good amount of other goodies that you can use to develop your gameplay. You may know achievements as the most excellent way to grab some Darth Vader shards, but some of them produce Crystals as well. This isn’t a whole list, but the Earner, Arena Fight, Smuggler’s Run and Galactic Conquest achievements all offer Crystals upon successful achievement, and they give you higher targets for which to look for after turning them in the first time.

5. Play well in all the other areas of the game. For example, placing as high up as possible in the Squad Arena compensates you with a ton of Crystals every single day. So make sure you take good advantage of all the free battles that you have and keep on rising through the rankings to get even more free crystals in the Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes. Even if you’re not super skilled about PvP play, you’ll want to test yourself against opponents’ teams in the Squad Arena. That’s because you will get a daily prize emailed based on your rank, and even if you don’t achieve a lot of wins, you’ll get 15 Crystals a day for placing in the lowest tier granted you remain active in the Squad Arena. Free Crystals should be an incentive for you to participate.

6. Wage Galactic War – Once you’ve built up a nice roster of heroes and leveled them up, you’ll desire to play the Galactic War mode all day. While the fights along the map get more difficult as you go, you get to use your whole collection to support in your efforts, and every triumph lets you unlock a new prizes chest, some of which have Crystals inside.

7. Win New Fights, This is the laziest way to earn Crystals, but completing some new singleplayer levels does gain you some. The first time you take down the Normal stage, you’ll get one Crystal, and you’ll get two the first time you succeed a Hard stage. It’s not much, but it’s better than zero.

In other words, being active and merely playing the game rewards you with quite a bunch of free crystals. But if you have different free ways to earn crystals in Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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