How to Heal your Health in Indivisible

How to Heal your Health in Indivisible

Indivisible is a brilliant little game that came out this year. It combines elements of platforming with an RPG setting and a turned-based battle mechanic.

The game has one of the most brilliant battle mechanics. Each time you encounter an enemy, a battle will begin.

Enemies in the game have large health bars. There’s no option for players to flee in the game. So you have to go through each battle. A large number of enemies in the game means that you’ll have to rely on healing a lot. There are several techniques players can use to recover within the game.

How to Heal your Health in Indivisible

Your capacity to heal is usually reliant on which characters are in your party. Though, Ajna can heal the party at any given time.

As long as you have as least one gauge of your Iddhi Meter full, you can press L1+R1 (LB+RB) to use Ajna’s heal ability, which will recover the whole party, and revive any knocked out characters.

Ajna: The primary character in the game can heal in the game, as well. While you have at least one gauge full in the Iddhi Meter, you can use Ajna’s focus ability. The ability will heal the entire party and also revive all downed characters.

Ginseng & Honey: Can heal the entire party by using the up attack. The standard attack will boost the restoration effect of the attack.

Thorani: The character uses a unique healing mechanic. Thorani drops puddles on the ground with every attack or successful block. When there’s a significant amount of puddles on the ground, her up aggression can utilize them. Allies that stand on these puddles will receive a health boost on the up attack.

Razmi: Heals the party by using her special attack. Be careful when using Razmi as she requires the Iddhi Meter.

Ajna: has sufficient healing capabilities. Yet, you must have a healer in your party. The battles are long, and you need as much vitality as possible.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal your health in Indivisible!

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