How to Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

How to Level Up Quickly in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has a leveling system, and of course, leveling up has its own benefits. So naturally, you’d want to progress fast through the ranks to unlock more and more goodies for yourself, including and not limited to powerful weapons or items. Various things factor into how you level up, so if you’re new to the game, you should make sure to put these factors into account while playing the game. The factors below are the ones we recommend you focus on most if you want to level up fast in Call of Duty Mobile.

XP Boosts

One of the easiest and best way to earn Extra XP with every round on COD Mobile is to play with a weapon which has an XP boost attached to it. These types of weapons can be purchased in the shop, and they do wonders to increase your XP after every match. Basically, alongside the normal XP you get from kills, victory, etc., this is one of the ways you can increase your XP earned every match.

Join a Clan

Join a clan. No, seriously! It has perks to it, mainly, extra XP after every match. You don’t need to join some bigwig clan to make it work, just any will do. Otherwise, create a clan for yourself and invite your friends or keep it open for others. You’ll earn extra XP per match due to clan rewards.

Winning Matches

The next might be a bit redundant, but “git gud.” Winning in a match increases your XP gained than if you lose. So getting better and helping your team is a surefire method of getting more XP. Of course, team play makes it so that you might lose due to your teammates, but that’s alright, you’ll still get the XP from all the achievements you did. But be prepared for next time then, as winning can make a significant difference in XP gained after every match.

Spend More Time In-game

Did you know that the more time you spend playing the game, the more XP you earn? This is a feature introduced with the Black Ops 4 system of progression which rewards XP with time spent in-game. If you play a long game, you get more XP. If you play a short game, you get less. Simple, right? Domination and Battle Royale are usually the long-lasting matches, with Domination helping with killstreaks which help a dozen when it comes to getting XP. This is why we recommend Domination as well, as it’s the mode allowing for most kills while also allowing you to spend a lot of time in it. You can pick whichever mode you want, of course, but Domination allows for long drawn out matches. Just don’t let anyone nuke it.

But of course, you can set all those aside. To truly level up, you still need to kill. Playing passively is good, and all but won’t give you as much XP as you want. To get the most out of a match, become a ruthless murdering machine.

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