How to Make and Craft Beer in Black Desert Online (BDO)

How to Make and Craft Beer in Black Desert Online (BDO)

Workers in Black Desert Online can get tired after working all day. They need something to eat or drink in order to get their energy back. Although you can simply buy some food for your workers from the market, you cannot always rely on it. So, for this purpose, you need to learn how to make beer. In order to prevent your workers from running out of energy and stop working, you will need to start making some beer for them.

If you’re wondering how to make beer in Black Desert Online, then you can follow our guide below.

The Recipe

To start with, you first need to know about the recipe of the beer. Thankfully, in Black Desert Online, you don’t have to actually spend some time to learn the recipe. You just must know what ingredients you need to create the perfect beer. These include:

  • Five Cereals (Wheat, Potato, Corn, Barley and Sweet Potato)
  • One Sugar
  • Six Water
  • Two Leavening Agents

Getting these ingredients won’t be a difficult task. Almost all of them can be bought from a cooking vendor, except for the grains. In order to get your hands on some wheat or corn, you will need to gather them yourself.

Gathering Cereals in Black Desert Online

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Gathering cereals in Black Desert Online is pretty simple. However, it can be time-consuming if you do it yourself. Therefore, it will be wise to just hire a few workers to gather the cereals for you. You can put a few workers in the Toscani Farm, and they will help you with gathering more than enough grain. And for those wondering, Toscani Farm is the very place you come across during the early stages of the game.

The Toscani Farm is a fantastic farm for gathering grains. It has two corn nodes through which it can provide you an endless supply of cereals . However, there will come a time when you will need to add more cereals nodes in the farm once your business starts to expand.

The most famous cereal in Black Desert Online is the potato. There are quite a lot of nodes for potato near Velia such as:

  • Loggia Farm
  • Bartali Farm
  • Finto Farm

Get Yourself a Residence

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Now that you’re done gathering the ingredients, it’s time to get a residence where you can cook the beer in peace. Don’t worry about this as there are plenty of residences available in the game and a lot of them come at a low price. The small one will cost you around one contribution point, while the bigger ones will cost you more. Simply choose the one that suits your needs so you can finally begin with the cooking process.

Buying a Cooking Utensil

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Done with buying a residence? Great. Now you need to get yourself a cooking utensil. This is the thing in which you are going to cook some excellent beer. In the game, you can find a variety of cooking utensils, and all of them have their own benefits. For instance, there is a Basic Cooking Utensil that offers no bonuses and 100 durability points. Then we have the Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil that offers increased cooking time for each batch. While both utensils are easy to get, you can pretty much see that the Baleons one is a better option.

Once you’re done with buying a cooking utensil, it’s time to place it inside the residence you just bought. Simply press the “P” button when you’re inside your residence to enter the placement mode. This will allow you to place the cooking utensil anywhere in the house. However, we will suggest you place it in the kitchen, so you don’t ruin the look of your house.

How to Make Beer in Black Desert Online (BDO)

How to Make and Craft Beer in Black Desert Online (BDO) 7

After you’re done with gathering the ingredients, buying a residence, and placing a cooking utensil inside it, you can finally start making the beer. To do that, you first need to get near the cooking utensil and press the R button to activate it. Afterward, a cooking window will appear, and you will need to add the exact amount of each material into the cooking utensil. Keep in mind that you need to add only the mentioned amount of each material. If you add less, then the cooking will fail. And if you add more, then the extra material will just get wasted.

Making Multiple Batches

You will be able to choose to cook either a single batch or multiple batches after you add the ingredients. If you decide to go with making multiple batches, then your character will keep on cooking until there are no materials left. For instance, if you want to cook around 500 batches of beer, then you will need around 2500 cereals, 500 sugars, 3000 waters, and 1000 leaving agents. Once you have these many ingredients, simply click on “Continuous Production” and then press maximum quantity.

Another amazing thing about this is that once your cooking skills start getting up, you will get more beer from every batch. In addition to this, you will also get a blue version of the beer, which surprisingly has 50% more energy than the regular bear.

Best Cooking Clothes

If you don’t already know, there are some clothes/costumes that can provide you with some benefits during cooking. That’s right, the Canape Costume and the Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes are known to offer increased cooking speed. The Canape Costume set costs around 2.900 pearls, and you will get +15% cooking experience if you wear it during cooking. In addition to this, it also reduces the cooking time by 2 seconds for each batch. The Silver Embroidered Cook’s Clothes, on the other hand, also work in the same way. But its benefits depend upon its enchantment level.

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