How to Make and Craft Metal Solvet in Black Desert Online (BDO)

how to make and craft metal solvet in black desert online bdo
how to make and craft metal solvet in black desert online bdo

In Black Desert Online, Metal Solvent is something that has great worth. Although it might seem a little difficult to acquire it at first, it’s actually a really simple task. Today, we will be talking about how to make Metal Solvent in Black Desert Online.

How to Make Metal Solvent in Black Desert Online

To start with, you will first need to get yourself a residence. There are plenty of different residences available in Black Desert Online, and some of them are even available for as low as one contribution point. Once you’re done with getting a residence, the next thing you need to do is place an alchemy tool inside it.

The Ingredients

After you’re done with the above things, its time for you to start making Metal Solvents. To do that, you will first need to gather the following ingredients:

  • 1x Clear Liquid Reagent
  • 4x Rough Stone
  • 3x Melted Iron Shard
  • 2x Traces of Savagery

How to Make the Clear Liquid Reagent?

For the Clear Liquid Reagent, you will need 1xt Purified Water, 1x Weed, 1x Salt, and 1x Sunrise Herb. To make Purified Water, visit a material vendor and buy some empty bottles from him. You will need these bottles to fill some river water in that. For that, go to a body of water and stand in or near it. Then click them right click button with the empty bottle in your hand and your character will begin filling it.

clear liquid reagent how to make metal solvent

After you are done gathering enough river water, you will have to process it. To do that, simply press the “L” button which will take you to the processing screen. From here, you will be able to process the river water into purified water by thinning it.

How to Acquire Salt, Weed, and Sunrise Herbs?

The Salt can be easily acquired from almost anywhere in the game. The Weed with some patience can be acquired from the Marketplace or else you can gather the Weed from bushes or various plants. As for the Sunrise Herb, we will suggest you pay a visit to Velia and invest in a node that produces Sunrise Herbs. Simply assign a worker to it and he will supply you with a decent amount of Sunrise Herbs in a short time. Once you’ve gathered all the required ingredients, simply use the alchemy tool in your home to combine all of them to get some Clear Liquid Reagent.

How to Get Iron Shard and Rough Stone

As for the Iron Shard, it can be made by heating Iron Ore. For those who don’t know, Iron Ore is something that you can easily gather from almost every other node present in the game. In the case of Rough Stone, you can mine it from rocks, although the best location for Rough Stone is at Pilgrim’s Haven.

How to Get Traces of Savagery

The Traces of Savagery, on the other hand, can be acquired from the Lynch Farm Ruins. You can assign a worker to the excavation node at the farm, but you must first talk to Zara Lunch, who is the node manager.

Making the Metal Solvent

After you have acquired all the required ingredients for the Metal Solvents, its time to make them. Simply combine all these items by using the Alchemy table present in your residence. Make sure to put 1x Clear Liquid Reagent, 4x Rough Stone, 3x Melted Iron Shard, and 2x Traces of Savagery.

metal solvent recipe black desert online

Once you combine them, you will get some Metal Solvents as well as some other extra items. These extra items can be sold for silver.

That was all regarding how to make Metal Solvent in Black Desert Online. We hope our guide will help you make them easily.

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