How to Remove/Hide Your Companion’s Helmet in The Outer Worlds

How to Remove Hide Your Companions Helmet in The Outer Worlds

Much like in the Fallout universe, you can also bring companions with you on your journey, in The Outer Worlds. Sadly, there is no co-op in this game, so the companions can’t be your actual friends but rather NPCs with whom you’ll be forming bonds and destroying everything in your path. Joy! But has the fact that you can’t seem to remove their helmets, bothered you? Even if you remove the helmet from their inventory? Well, worry no more because there is an easy fix to such a predicament.

This guide will show you the actual method of removing the helmet, which feels like a bizarre gameplay choice, but oh well. To remove the helmet, you just need to access the menu and thus pause the game. From there, go into Settings. Next, you’ll want to navigate into the Gameplay tab. Under “General,” you’ll find an option aptly titled “Show Companion Helmet,” which, as the name suggests, shows your companions helmet. Simply uncheck it to make the helmet invisible.

This is actually the only way to do this because the game needlessly makes this task tedious even though previous games have already solved this issue. See, this doesn’t technically “remove” the helmet, instead just making it invisible so you can admire your Companions ugly faces for eternity. To put it simply: it’s pure cosmetics at its finest.

The problem exists because once you put a helmet into your Companion’s inventory, that’s it. You can’t take it off from them, even though you change the helmet, the Companion will be shown wearing the previous one anyway. That is why this option exists. I don’t really know why the game doesn’t just patch this glitch or whatever, but for now, this roundabout method will have to do.

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