How to Unlock All Characters in Indivisible

How to Unlock All Characters in Indivisible

Indivisible is a brilliant new 2D RPG game that’s starting to gain a significant following. Its blend of gameplay and beautiful art design makes the game very endearing. On top of that, there are a ton of characters that the player can unlock and use.

Each character in the game makes use of different techniques and has a unique design. It’s a lot of fun trying out the various combat styles. You can also find which team of characters works best for you. The game does have incredibly satisfying combat, and each character is a lot of fun to use.

Without much further ado, here’s how you can unlock every single character in the game.

How to Unlock all Characters

  • Dhar: Dhar is one of the earliest available characters in the game. You can unlock Dhar after completing your training with Ajna’s Father.
  • Razmi: Razmi is recruitable very early in the game. You’ll find him outside Ashwat’s village. This is another character you can unlock very first in the game.
  • Ginseng and Honey: You can unlock this character shortly after recruiting Razmi. Gamers will need to find the resurrection lilies first, and then they can open the character.
  • Kushi: Kushi is available after defeating the boss in Fortress Vimana.
  • Thorani: Complete Mt Sumeru.
  • Qadira: You can recruit Qadira right before entering the temple.
  • Naga Rider: Recruitable upon the second visit to Tai Krung City.
  • Kampan: Iron Kingdom second visit.
  • Zebei: Discoverable in Fortress Vimana prison.
  • Tungar: Discoverable in Fortress Vimana prison.
  • Phoebe: Clear the barricade at Port Maerifa then visit the town. Agree to complete her quest and beat her in sparring.
  • Hunoch Xiboc: They join your part after you finish the boss in Kaanul. They also have a quest you will need to complete.
  • Zahra: Use extended jump to reach her in Port Maerifa, then complete her quest.
  • Yan: After returning to Tai Krung City. Find her and free her.
  • Ren: You can find him on the map in Tai Krung City.
  • Latigo: You can find Latigo in the Iron Kingdom.
  • Leilani: Leilani is also present in the docks. You’ll have to complete the area first though.

How to Unlock NPCs

There are players in the game that are non-playable but have certain perks.

  • Tharwa: Port Maerifa.
  • George: Port Maerifa.
  • Asiri: Kanuul.

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