How to Unlock all Planets in The Outer Worlds

How to Unlock all Planets in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds isn’t a big game, which seems surprising considering it’s an RPG. And the fact that the game promotes itself as a stellar space exploration game, however, you’re restricted to only two planets, namely: Terra-2 and Monarch.

There are also other areas to explore, including space stations and asteroids, but if you’re expecting a grand space adventure like No Mans Sky promised, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

This is especially infuriating, considering that there are other planets mentioned as well; however, they may be locked behind DLCs. You can see these planets when you access the space map and realize that these aren’t traversable, nor is there any option letting you do so. What this means is that these planets are not for exploration.

How Can I Unlock Locked Planets?

The locked planets are listed as following:

  • Typhon, which is an uninhabited icy planetoid. It’s located at the edge of the Halcyon system.
  • Olympus is inhabitable due to its status as one of the two Gas Giants in the Halcyon system. Perpetual storms wreak havoc on the planet.
  • Eridanos is the second Gas Giant. There are a lot of distillation plants here harvesting the gases for energy.
  • Hephaistos is the closest planet to the Sun. The Hephaistos Mining Company claimed this planet as their own after establishing outposts here.

These are the four planets that are inaccessible due to one reason or another, but it feels stupid, creating a space game about exploration and then restricting it to just two planets. Even more so, when you look at the space map and realize you can’t traverse these areas. Which begs the question, why? Why are they on the space map? They may exist to create a more realistic feeling to the Halcyon system and flesh the world out more.

Or it could be there as a placeholder for future DLC. I know that some of these planets (like the gas giants) are inhabitable, but it’s not as if there can’t be indirect methods to access them. Besides, I’m reasonably confident Obsidian has some grand plans for this game in the near future. Hopefully, we can access at least one more planet with a future DLC.

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