How to Unlock/Get Naga Rider in Indivisible

How to Unlock Get Naga Rider in Indivisible

Indivisible is an action RPG that comes from the same creators responsible for Skullgirls. The game is a lot of fun to play. It offers a beautiful world and an excellent story for players to experience.

Another fascinating mechanic is the character recruitment system. Players can recruit a wide variety of characters to become a part of their crime-fighting team.

Some characters you will unlock as a part of the main story. While you will get most of the characters through playing side quests. One of the strongest and most popular heroes in the game is Naga Rider.

How to Unlock Naga Rider

Naga Rider is one of the coolest looking heroes in the game. Most players don’t realize that you have to play through the majority of the game before you can unlock him. He’s available as a part of the main story quest line as well, so you can’t miss him in the game.

As you play through the campaign of the game, there will be a point where you return to Tai Kung City. Naga Rider is the final Vahana Rider and is the protector of Tai Krung City. Hence, when you revisit the city, you automatically unlock Naga Rider.

Naga Rider is incredibly fun to use in the game and is one of the stronger heroes. He has powerful attacks and is especially devastating at chaining combos. He’s one of those heroes that everyone loves. It’s also great that you get him as a part of the primary campaign. People would have been seriously angry at missing out on this hero during their campaign.

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