How to use a Controller in Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile)

How to use a Controller in Call of Duty Mobile COD Mobile

Call of Duty is a long-running series that is still going on with COD Mobile, being its latest repetition. However, the switch from a home console or PC to mobile can be quite a drastic change for many. Especially considering the limited space of mobiles, it can be a bit annoying to get used to. However, did you know you can actually play Call of Duty Mobile with a controller? Or rather, you could, officially, that is.

In its beta phase, this was actually possible via official controller support. However, upon release, this feature was removed. For what reason, we can’t really understand as the team just said they are currently evaluating the situation. But to what effect do they consider this a necessity? So while it’s possible controller support might resurface later, at the moment it’s not available.


Then what do I mean by stating that you can play with a controller? Well, my dear friend, let me introduce you to the world of emulators. By downloading the Gameloop Android emulator, you can run COD Mobile with ease on your PC. Just install it on your PC and then download COD Mobile (the APK file that you can find on the internet), allowing you to play with a mouse and keyboard. This gives you a distinct advantage over those who play on a mobile screen alone as face it, this is quite an advantageous position. If that gives you a moral dilemma, then the rest isn’t for you.

gameloop call of duty mobile gameplau

However, the keyboard and mouse are easy to access. The real issue is making the controllers work. Firstly, you want to enable controllers in the emulator’s settings, which would be on the right-hand side of the screen. You can then proceed to map the buttons, which isn’t simple as it should be. However, you should get to it if you really want to play with a controller. Once you’re done, join the game with a PS4 or Xbox One controller and devastate all your enemies with your old controller skills.

This is still an unofficial method, though, so keep praying they bring back controller support in a later update. But until then, hallelujah to being a God in the mobile game.

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