How To Watch Death Note In Order

Here we are with a guide in how to watch Death Note in order. There is no doubt that Death Note is one of the greatest anime series of all time. The fact that Death Note has been able to create excellent stories within the context of it’s massive narrative is, perhaps, one of its greatest strengths.

TWith each new episode, the anime continuously provides important information in small amounts, showing the value of small information over the long run. Because Light and L’s minds are constantly at conflict with each other, there is an unspeakable tension between the two main characters in the story.

The plot twists that are included in Death Note, as well as the philosophical dilemmas pertaining to justice, make it one of the most mind-blowing animes ever produced. Anime lovers of all kinds should watch Death Note, regardless of whether they enjoy the supernatural, thrillers, or mysteries.

How To Watch Death Note In Order

It has been over thirty years since Death Note first appeared on anime screens, and since then a number of adaptations of it have been made, including TV shows, movies, and musicals. The following is going to be an anime-focused list limited to the Death Note anime adaptation.

Release Order

1. Anime Tv Series

Death Note (2006-07)

2. Death Note Specials

What Are The Death Note Specials About?

“Director’s cut” is a heavily condensed version of the original anime episodes, in this case that means much shorter than the original anime episodes. Though it was titled “Rewrite” in the Japanese version, the North American version was titled “Relight.” The film aired in Japan on Nippon Television on August, 2007.

As a feature-length film, the film uses a significant amount of the original anime scenes as well as some new scenes, mostly in order to fit in shorter events in place of longer ones in order to meet the time requirements.

The first special is essentially a compilation of the confrontation between L and Light, from Ryuk’s perspective, complete with new dialogue and new music that weren’t in the original series. An unknown Shinigami appears before Ryuk in order to question him about the recent events which have taken place in the human realm.

After the previous story, this one continues the tale of Light at the beginning of the previous story. This story is like the previous one in terms of describing the conflicts between Light, Mello, and Near in the same way as the previous one presented Light and L’s battles.

You should definitely watch for the anime series to watch Death Note in order properly without missing any chunk of information.

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