Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Will A Sequel Be Released?

kamisama kiss season 3 release date when it is coming out

Kamisama Kiss is a popular anime series with two seasons till date. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Kamisama Kiss Season 3 for a long time. Is the third season likely to take place? If yes, when is the possible release date? Read on to find out more.

Kamisama Kiss is a Japanese manga series authored and illustrated Julieta Suzuki and was released back in the late 2000s. The manga received an anime adaptation by TMS Entertainment and aired on October 2012. The show was renewed with a sequel which aired on January 2015. Both the seasons of the anime was received really well by most of the community. Kamisama Kiss and its sequel have a high score of 8.13 and 8.25 respectively on MyAnimeList.

The Plot of Kamisama Kiss

Season 1

The story of the first season of Kamisama Kiss follows Nanami Momozono, a high school student who is facing troubling issues in her life daily. Her father was in extreme debt and lost everything, resulting in Nanami being homeless. With all hope lost, Nanami runs into a man being chased by a dog. She helps him out, and the man rewards her a strange gift in gratitude, he offers her his home. But when she finds out that ‘home’ was just a rundown shrine, she decides to leave. But she is stopped by two shrine spirits and Tomoe, a fox familiar.

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They mistake her for Mikage, the man she just saved – who also happens to be the land god of the shrine. Realizing that Nanami isn’t Mikage but a human, Tomoe leaves. Nanami decides to take on her divine duties rather than going back. To run things properly, Nanami will need the help of Tomoe. In her search for Tomoe, she gets into trouble and ends up sealing a contract with the fox familiar.

Now, Nanami and Tomoe will have to share their journey of divinity. But it is not as easy as it sounds as problems seek them in all shapes and forms.

kamisama season 3 episodes trailer spoilers

Season 2

Nanami, along with her familiars, Tomoe and Mizuki, has lived through quite a few challenges since she took on the role of the patron god of Mikage Shrine. Since she is a patron god, she is invited to the Divine Assembly in Izumo, by Otohiko, the wind god. She takes Mizuki along with her to the home of gods while Tomoe poses as her at school. However, she has another reason for going to the Assembly to find the missing Lord Mikage.

After the events at Izumo, Nanami meets a tengu child named Botanmaru who is looking for their prince Shinjirou Kurama. He is looking for Shinjirou to return to Mount Kurama and stop Jirous’s tyranny. Upon reaching Mount Kurama, Nanami realizes that a greater evil dwells in the mountain.

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The second season follows Nanami as a little god, who needs to learn and get used to being divine. The problems she now faces as a little god has a lot of things to deal with, which are no less in number than they were before.

What Fans Are Saying About Kamisama Kiss Season 3

What Are The Chances Of A Kamisama Season 3?

Both seasons of Kamisama Kiss adapted around 17 out of 25 volumes of the manga. It has been four years since the second season finished airing, but don’t lose all hope. Due to the immense success of the two seasons, the likeliness of Kamisama Kiss Season 3 is high. We are yet to receive any announcement from the officials regarding Kamisama Kiss Season 3.

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Many fans have been worried about Kamisama Kiss ending with the second season, but rest easy because the show is quite popular and there is enough source material. Also, it is normal for many series to take breaks between the airing of seasons. Comparing to a few other anime, four years is a short time. So I would like to address that there is nothing to worry about as Kamisama Kiss has a high chance of releasing.


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