Kill la Kill Season 2: Release Date? When It Is Coming Out?

kill la kill season 2 release date confirmed

The first season of Kill la Kill aired a total of 24 episodes making it a complete season which was split into two courses. Many fans still hope for a season 2 of the anime. However, the odds in favor of this theory is pretty scarce. Many would disagree on that but we still believe that there is almost no chance for a second season taking place. We are not left with many options other than to either keep hoping for a season 2 or to just forget and give up hope for the sequel. We’ll keep this page updated. So, if Trigger announces anything about a Season 2, we’ll let you know. Although we believe it is not very likely to happen.

The first episode of Kill la Kill aired in October of 2013. As mentioned above, it consisted of 24 episodes and an OVA was premiered on 3 Sep 2014. In the US, Aniplex licensed the series and it was aired on Toonami (Adult Swim).

What Have Fans Seen So Far From The Previous Episodes

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The plot of Kill la Kill takes place in the setting of a post-apocalyptic Japan. Ryuuko Matoi, a school girl, who is in pursuit of the killer of her father. She is thirsty for revenge. She possesses the Scissor Blade, which is the half of a pair of scissors. Ryuuko knows that the convict is in possession of the other half. She joins Honnouji Academy as she suspects that has information on her father’s murder, goes to this school.

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At school, she confronts the Elite Four, a group of students who are part of the student council. The student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuuin, keeps the other students in check. The Elite Four’s power lies in the clothes that they wear, which are known as Goku Uniforms. These uniforms have life fibers embedded in them. This provides the people who wear these clothes superhuman abilities.

Ryuuko gets into a fight with Satsuki but is defeated as Satsuki had the advantage of having the Goku Uniform. This battle, however, was not in vain as after her failure, Ryuuko returns to her home and she discovers something that’s called “Kamui”, or “God Clothes”. Geared up in these clothes, Ryuuko is ready to take on Satsuki and find out the truth about the death of her father.

Kill la Kill Season 2 Release Date

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Many fans of the anime are still waiting for a sequel to the anime. Since the anime was premiered back in 2013, there has been no official confirmation for a Season 2. Over the years, multiple rumors have risen on the topic of a sequel. Even then, Trigger has remained silent about anything concerning a sequel for Kill la Kill. You may have probably heard about the renewal of the anime in 2019. However, all this information is just a conjecture by people.

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The ugly truth is that there will not a be sequel concerning Kill la Kill. We cannot do anything but accept the harsh reality. The first season of the anime appears to be completed. And the fact that Trigger has not revealed anything further adds on to the possibility that there will not be a Season 2. Moreover, the fans are looking forward to a sequel for an anime which doesn’t have adequate source material. Given the fact that Kill la Kill is not based on a manga, light novel, game etc, it does not have any source material to work upon. And that makes it less likely for the anime to get a sequel as it has nothing that serves as source material.

Watch Kill la Kill Episodes Dubbed In English

The English Dubbed version of ‘Kill la Kill’ is accessible on Crunchyroll.

Kill la Kill Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Kill la Kill, here is a short trailer of this awesome anime!


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