Knight’s and Magic Season 2: Release Date & News

knights and magic anime season 2 release date

It has been around two years since Knight’s and Magic aired. Will there be a Knight’s and Magic Season 2? How likely is it to be released? If it is going to be released, when is a possible release date? Read on to find out.

Knight’s and Magic is a Japanese light novel series written by Hisago Amazake-no and illustrated by Kurogin. It was adapted into an anime by Eight Bit (8Bit) which consisted of 13 episodes and aired from July to September in 2017. It follows the generic theme of an isekai anime – so it gained both a lot of fans and others who did not like it that much. The isekai genre is overdone in anime, and it is easily possible to fall into the generic story of most isekai.

This made it difficult for isekai anime to stand out and rise above the other isekai anime. And with hordes of isekai anime continuously being produced every year, that task is quite tricky. The fans of Knight’s and Magic enjoyed the mecha and magical elements that were mixed into it. This show has been able to secure a decent score of 7.28 from around 60,000 users on MyAnimeList.

The Plot of Knight’s and Magic

The story of Knight’s and Magic is pretty generic as it features an otaku in modern-day Japan who meets with a car accident and dies. After death, the protagonist is transported into another fantasy world.

Tsubasa Kurata is the protagonist of this anime, after dying in a car accident he finds himself reborn in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, where powerful robots called Silhouette Knights fight monstrous demonic beasts. Born into a noble family with a lot of magical abilities, Tsubasa has been named Ernesti Echevarria. He is enrolled in Royal Laihaila – a place where people are trained to pilot the Silhouette Knights, preparing them to be able to protect the kingdom from all kinds of enemies.

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Ernesti has an ambition of creating his own Silhouette Knight, a goal which was unheard for centuries. He teams up with the twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter, and they accompany him on his path.

knights and magic anime season 2 episodes spoiler

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Spoilers

Disclaimer: If you don’t want to spoil the light novel, manga or anime of Knight’s and Magic for yourself, we advise that you skip this section. If that does not matter, read on. Also, this is based on speculation and information from other sources, we do not confirm this to be true.

  • After the collapse of the Zaloudek kingdom, researchers flee away with Ernesti’s technology to the nearby nations.
  • Eru is tasked with the building of flying Silhouette Knights by the King of Fremmevilla Kingdom.
  • The Ether reactors are not being able to produce enough power for levitation and thrusters at the same time. With a few adjustments, the Ikaruga is ready to fly long distances but loses its speed.
  • The king forms the Order of the Purple Swallow, which is a unit made for taking on flying enemies.
  • Edgar and Dietrich are offered a promotion and invited to form their own knightly order by leaving the Order of the Silver Phoenix. They are hesitant at first, but Eru manages to talk them into accepting.
  • Eru dislikes battleships as he feels that the Silhouette Knights won’t be used if the battleships prove to be better in battle. He ends up designing something similar to Gundam SCV-70 White Base, which is an assault carrier for his robots.
  • The Knights of the Silver Phoenix use the carrier to explore the Sea of Trees, a demon forest. They end being ambushed, and Eru tells everyone to escape while he stays back. After reaching the kingdom, the king orders them to stay put, but they defy his orders and go in search for their leader only to find the destroyed remains of Ikaruga.
  • The Knights visit the country of giants and the country of dwarves.
  • The Demon King threatens the world with war. The Demon King’s army. The Poetry of Destruction is an enormous number of beasts, flying enemies and giant demons.
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What Fans Are Saying About Knight’s and Magic Season 2

Knight’s and Magic Season 2 Release Date

We have not received any confirmation from the officials regarding Knight’s and Magic Season 2 yet. But the odds of Knight’s and Magic getting a sequel is in the show’s favor. The problem is that it could take a while.

The ending of the first season makes it clear that Knight’s and Magic Season 2 will most likely happen. DVD sales have been doing great in Japan. The show was ranked #10 in the Top BD/DVD sales on 26 December 2017 with around 3,000 items sold each week according to sources.

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knights and magic anime season 2 trailer

The issue is that the anime has covered a lot of source material. Many fans have complained that the anime’s pacing was too fast and it felt like the story was being rushed. Some even believe that the producers do so to shed more light on the mecha action scenes. Specific sources state that the anime has skipped on tonnes of information and events that were available in the light novel while others say that the anime has taken a different route from the source material.

The issue is that the anime burned up too fast through the source material. Many sources state that they are already ahead of the manga with some stating that they have crossed the light novel also. There is not much source material available for a second season, and they will have to wait for the light novel series to progress a significant amount and the manga to catch up.

That could take a while. But since the anime slowed down its pace a little bit into the season, the story has become better, and source material feels adequate. But it would be safe to wait a while for the source material to progress anyway.

We hope the anime is not delayed too much and we are able to see Knight’s and Magic Season 2 take place soon.


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