Kurama’s Death: Is Kurama Dead? Will Naruto Get Back Kurama in Boruto? Everything We Know So Far

Warning: Be aware as there might be possible spoilers.

Kurama’s death and his condition have been what Boruto fans have been worrying about lately. Fans are puzzled about Naruto and Kurama’s condition after reading Chapter 53 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Since the Baryon Mode suddenly ceased and Kurama didn’t appear in the chapter, fans were worried that the Nine-Tailed Fox might still be with us. This favourite bijuu from the series met his end in Chapter 55 of Boruto.

Is Kurama Dead?

Kurama's Death: Is Kurama Dead? Will Naruto Get Back Kurama in Boruto? Everything We Know So Far

It was Boruto’s biggest battle, involving the mighty Isshiki Otsutsuki against Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, backed by Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki. In the end, Isshiki was killed by Naruto, but Kurama sacrificed his life in order to grant Naruto an unprecedented power known as Baryon Mode.

Kurama lied about Baryon Mode’s effects to Naruto. Kurama paid the price for using this power, not Naruto. But if Kurama had explained this to him, he might have resisted using the Baryon mode, which would have put everyone’s safety at risk. As a result, the tailed beast gave false details about the Baryon Mode to Naruto.

It’s not like he directly lied to him. Kurama had said that the cost for Baryon mode would either be their lives, or they would both have to die. Kurama used the Baryon Mode to stop Isshiki, ultimately exhausting all of his energy. The tailed beast was going to die, and Naruto could do nothing to prevent it.

How Does Kurama Die?

The Baryon Mode was used by Naruto and Kurama against Isshiki and Ohtustsuki, which led to Kurama consuming an excessive amount of chakra and leading to Kurama’s death. Naruto’s subconscious mind is the setting for chapter 55, which begins with him talking to Kurama. Naruto thinks he is dead, but Kurama interrupts him, saying that he came to bid farewell. Kurama tells Naruto that this will likely be their last conversation, so he urges him to speak up. In his confusion, Naruto starts talking about his parents’ death and how the two of them have survived many challenges.

In his thanks for Kurama being with him for all those years, Naruto says he is glad to have him around. Kurama seems not happy with Naruto’s lack of talk. Kurama says they managed to defeat Ohtsutsuki using Baryon Mode. The situation seems to have calmed him down quite a bit. Kurama jokes, even saying that he isn’t afraid to die, saying that this would not be a terrible death. Naruto is then told that, even though a Jinchuriki death occurs when the bijuu is separated from its host’s body, this does not occur when the beast’s chakra simply disappears.  

How Does Kurama Die?

Despite the belief that Naruto is dead, Kurama explains that Naruto will awaken soon, despite the appearance of death to others. The scene starts to shock Naruto, and Kurama finally reveals that his life, and not Naruto’s, is what the cost of the Baryon Mode is.

Furthermore, he says he deliberately hid the truth from Naruto in order to make the to not make him scared to use the power. Kurama advises Naruto to be careful because he will not have any superhuman powers anymore. In addition, Kurama adds that if Naruto were to overdo it, then he would most probably die. Naruto’s subconscious is filled with Kurama’s voice that tells him to stay in good spirits until they meet again.

How Is Naruto Still Alive If Kurama Is Dead?

The Jinchuuriki normally dies if his or her bijuu is removed or is killed. According to Kurama, however, This is not the same for Naruto. Kurama’s chakra has simply disappeared in Naruto’s case. No extraction has taken place. In his initial shock, Naruto will seem as if he is dead to others, but in reality he is not in danger or dead. As a result, Naruto had small parts of chakra from the other tailed beasts he received from Hagoromo Otsutsuki, which hints at his ability to survive even if his bijuu died suddenly.

Will Kurama Come Back To Life?

Will Kurama Come Back To Life?

Kurama’s death is definitely confirmed, we know that for sure. Can we expect to see Kurama again after his death in Boruto again? Bijuus are known to be made from chakras. As a result, they are also capable of reviving after dying; once their chakras have regenerated. We are talking about a time frame that could span for a long time even up to 30 years. Fans hope that Kurama might be back again soon after telling Naruto that this may be their last conversation. Nevertheless, Kurama himself explains Baryon mode is fueled by Kurama’s life chakra, instead of the chakra present in their environment. It is yet to be seen if he is able to return to life.

What Will Happen After Kurama’s Death?

Fans might be thinking that Naruto might be weaker now that he doesn’t have Kurama anymore but there are a few points that need to be addressed.

When Kakashi teaches Naruto nature transformation he says something incredibly important. These naruto transformation are generally very difficult for a Ninja to master, according to him. The learning curve to do this is shortened from years to hours thanks to Naruto’s powerful chakra reserves. Kakashi also mentions that Naruto’s chakra reserves are four times greater than his. Naruto’s bodies chakra reserves would have been one hundred times more than Kakashi’s, if Yamato hadn’t suppressed Kurama’s chakra with his wood release. At that time, only half of Kurama was with Naruto.  

There are too many factors to consider here. Sure, Naruto’s power derived from the Nine Tails Chakra. It was he who kept the battle wheels of Naruto running. Nevertheless, it is naive to think that Naruto isn’t anything without Kurama. Here are some facts why Naruto is still strong even after Kurama’s death.

Sage Of Six Chackra

What Will Happen After Kurama's Death?

The Sage of Six Paths visited Naruto during his final fight in Naruto Shippuden. Hagoromo Otsutsuki was a god in the Ninja world. The Earth was created by him on the basis of the Chakra of the Ten-Tails. Hagoromo’s abilities as a God far surpass those of any other ninja. You may recall that Hagoromo personally granted Naruto the gift of the Sage of Six Paths Senjutsu.

In Shikamaru Shinden, Naruto is revealed to still have the Sage of Six Paths Chakra within him. As a result of Six Paths Senjutsu, you receive a boost that can bring you an ultimate level of invincibility. Imagine, if only Naruto had something even more powerful up his sleeve, he would have chosen to undergo the Baryon transformation even knowing he was sacrificing his greatest weapon, Kurama.

If Naruto didn’t have something of equal or even greater strength to fight Kara with, he wouldn’t for sure get rid of his strongest weapon.

Sage Mode & Shadow Clone Jutsu

The Sage Techniques that Naruto was taught by the Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku during the Pain arc are also included. Naruto proved its effectiveness against one of history’s greatest ninjas as soon as he learned the technique. The Shadow Clone technique is another weapon Naruto has to his disposal.

Naruto’s Chakra reserves have gotten a massive boost due to his Uzumaki bloodline and exposure to Kurama’s chakra for so long. With his ability to make shadow clones, he can create hundreds in no time. Creating shadow clones allows him to train and learn faster. It has already been revealed that Naruto continued training even after the war.

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