Leveling Guide 1-56 Black Desert Online (BDO)

black desert online bdo leveling guide 1 56
black desert online bdo leveling guide 1 56

Black Desert Online is a really fun and exciting game, but some players still stop playing it only after a few hours because of frustration. The reason behind this is that during the early stages of the game, they are unable to find any exciting stuff. This is something that makes them abandon the game as they get bored.

However, what they don’t realize is that the game has plenty to offer at later stages. Many players claim that the early levels of Black Desert Online should be considered as learning levels. This is because you will most likely not encounter a lot of powerful enemies before you reach level 56. In fact, the game actually begins once you’re at level 56, so it’s not a really wise choice to give up before that.

Why level 56? Well at this level you will basically unlock a new skill set as your character becomes “awakened.” Leveling up in Black Desert Online can seem complicated at first, but you can do it quickly if you follow the right way. So, in this Black Desert Online leveling guide, we are going to talk about how you can level up faster in the game.

Grinding and Questing in Black Desert Online

In Black Desert Online, there are two ways to level up. The first one is Grinding, which is regarded as the fastest way to level up. The second one is Questing, which is somewhat slower than Grinding but it helps you with increasing your inventory space and gaining contribution, and energy points. While these things may be necessary for the later stages of the game, Questing will still fail to increase your combat experience.

grinding bdo leveling guide 1 56

So, if you want to learn some things and gain some essential items, then it will be best to follow the Questing way. However, if you want to get to your character’s awakening as soon as possible and gain some combat experience, then you should go with Grinding.

The Questing Method to Level Up

Many players claim that for your first character, you should always opt for the Questing method to level up. While the main questline of Black Desert Online may not be the fastest way to level up, it is still something through which you can learn a lot about the game. If you follow this method, you will need to complete various quests that can take a lot of your time. Even though you will be able to use the auto-run feature to travel from a place to another, it will still be time-consuming.

The Black Spirit Quests

black spirit bdo leveling guide 1 56

You will take part in the Black Spirit quests that will teach you a lot. For instance, you will get to know about most of the map and learn the core mechanics of the game. By completing the Black Spirit quests, you will earn yourself XP, contribution points, useful gear, and more inventory space. In addition to this, you can also expect to get a lot of precious rewards. The Black Spirit quests will also take you to areas where you will be able to take down mobs related to your level. This is something that will help you level up a little faster.

Remember to Do Side Quests

It will be wise to take part in as many side quests as possible while doing the Black Spirit quests. This is something through which you can earn some extra contribution points. However, keep in mind that probably you won’t earn any experience points for the side quests that you will complete. So, your main priority should always be the Black Spirit quests

The Grinding Method

Now that you know how the Questing method works, its time for you to learn about Grinding. If you followed the previous method for your first character, then it will be best to go with Grinding for your next characters in order to speed up the process. This will mostly include combat as it is possibly the quickest way to reach level 56 in Black Desert Online.

However, before you start Grinding, make sure to complete a few Black Spirit quests in order to some learn some things. Although you can pretty much reach level 56 alone, it will be even better if you have some friends with you. There are even some players who offer their services of helping others level up for a price. So, for some money, you can get help from an expert.

Level 1 to 10

The first 10 levels are obviously going to be really easy. You will level up from 1 to 10 in no time, and it will be best if you follow the tutorials between these levels. Following them will not only help you get some extra inventory space, but you will also acquire a donkey mount. The first 10 levels will help you learn the basics of the game, and you will encounter only some weak enemies that won’t even attack you unless you provoke them.

Level 11-20

forest of seclusion bdo leveling guide 1 56

These are going to be the levels where things will become a little more exciting. You can visit the Forest of Seclusion where you can slay some woodland creatures. Slaying them won’t be a difficult task, but you will still earn some XP. We will also suggest you visit the Heidel Quarry and Moretti Plantation where you will be able to find some more enemies to slay. Finally, the Castle Ruins is considered as the best area of leveling between level 11-20 as you will not only get XP from killing enemies there but will also earn some extra sliver.

Level 21-30

fogans low level bdo leveling grinding 1 56

Once you surpass level 20, you will acquire some new skills through which you will be able to take down your enemies quickly. For level 21-30, we will suggest you keep on exploring the Fogans and Nagas as the area offers a variety of different enemies. You can even go ahead and visit the Blood Monastery as this area will also provide some challenging enemies.

Level 31-40

bdo abandoned land leveling guide 1 56

As for level 31-40, you can progress through these quickly too. All you have to do is visit the Delphe Knights Castle and slay some creatures there. You can even visit the Khuruto Caves, but this area is preferred for those who belong to the melee class. The Abandoned Land is another popular grinding spot. You shouldn’t get fooled by its name as it is not abandoned at all. In fact, the area is filled with many infected humans for you to kill. The respawn rate is pretty quick in this area too, so you shouldn’t have a problem with finding more infected humans to slay.

Levels 41-50

You need to start getting a little serious from this point as you will most likely encounter some challenging enemies. You can visit the Oze Pass, a grinding spot filled with half-petrified dwarves. Although you can defeat and slay them easily; you will still need to be careful.

mansha forest ogre leveling guide 1 56 bdo black desert online

Another great grinding spot recommended for level 41-50 is Mansha Forest. As this forest will be crawling with enemies in large groups, you will be able to take out most of them out in a single blow. This is something which makes it the best spot to reach level 50 quickly. This is a really good spot as the Manshas drop ancient relics and Goblin Summon Scrolls. Although you need to be careful as there are some monsters called Ogres who are really tough to be taken down.

Level 51-56

Its time for the final grinding. You need to be prepared as the enemies you will face will be much stronger than those you defeated before. Without the right gear, it will become tough for you to progress through these levels.

You will first need to visit the Catfishman Camp. As its name suggests, this area will be crawling with Catfishmen who will pose a significant threat. It will be just best to slay as many as you can before you reach level 52. In addition to this, you need to be careful while facing the elite Catfishman that will spawn as he will be more powerful than others.

After the camp, you can visit the Elric Temple of Helm Station. This area will allow you to defeat various mobs, and you will be able to earn XP quickly through this. However, keep mind to equip the right gear before visiting this area.

sausan garrison bdo leveling guide

And finally, the last place you will need to visit to reach level 56 is Sausan Garrison. Although this place consists of enemies that can take you down easily, it is still one of the best grinding spots. In addition to this, you will most likely reach level 56 when you’re grinding in Sausan Garrison.

This was our Black Desert Online leveling guide. We hope that it will help you level up faster in the game.

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