Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date? When It’s The Anime Going To Release?

log horizon season 3 english dubbed release date

It has been a long time since Log Horizon Season 2 finished airing. The amount of rumors concerning a third season that arose serve as proof. Many are trying to figure whether Log Horizon will receive another renewal or not. Multiple sources claim to know the release date of the third season, but all they’re providing you with is false information.

On the other hand, other sources declare that there will not be a third season for the anime. Let’s get things straight. Our motive is to separate the conjectures from the facts, concerning the likeliness of another renewal for Log Horizon and it’s possible release date of a third season.

Unfortunately, the hiatus between the last two volumes of Log Horizon was, without a doubt, huge. The 10th volume of Log Horizon was issued in the month of September in the year 2015; whereas, the next season of the series was published in March 2018. The television adaptation, more specifically, the anime, consisted of 2 seasons of 25 episodes each. As a result, NHK doesn’t have much source material. No matter which studio, NHK or any other studio, would need a lot more novels as source material for them to release the third season of Log Horizon.

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What Are The Chances Of Getting A Third Season?

We are not totally excluding the possibility of that happening. Because volume 11 was published in March 2018, it leaves enough source material for a shorter season 3 of Log Horizon, around 12 to 13 episodes.

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Unfortunately, it can’t air 25 episodes like its predecessors did since there’s not enough source material. Also, since the author continued Log Horizon after a long hiatus, there is a slight chance that Mamare might publish a bunch of new volumes. Also, some installments to the light novels have been released online as web-novels. This may be an indicator to either a rise in popularity or a way in order to acquire it.

What Have Fans Seen So Far From The Previous Episodes

Log Horizon is based around the very popular genre in anime, Isekai. For those who don’t know what isekai is, it is basically a genre of anime in which the character(s) travel to another world; most of the time to one they are not familiar with. In Log Horizon’s case, they are trapped in a game. They are trapped in the world of a popular MMORPG called Elder Tale. The players have to or rather forced to adapt and survive in the terrible and severe conditions of the game. They have to fight and defeat monsters and even other players.

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Shiroe, the main protagonist, becomes the leader of the team even though he was a very socially awkward student in the real world. For him, the situation does not seem like an obstacle, but more of an opportunity for him to prove himself as a hero. The team have to improve themselves at combat to survive the countless dangers of the world of Elder Tale.

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Log Horizon Season 3 Release Date

Like we mentioned earlier, we don’t completely exclude the possibility of a third season. Also, Mamare seems to be serious about enlarging his franchise. Considering the time he took to write the first five editions of the light novel, a year would be enough for him to write enough material for it to serve as source material for the studio to produce a third season. If all goes in favor of the fans, we can expect a Season 3 for Log Horizon in the year 2020. Since the author of the series has decided to continue his work, it is likely for Log Horizon Season 3 to be released in the future.

Watch Log Horizon Episodes Dubbed In English

The English Dubbed Episodes of ‘Log Horizon’ are available on  Crunchyroll.

Log Horizon Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Log Horizon, here is a short trailer of this awesome anime!


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9anime for the subbed but use an adblocker


Or Kissanime, or the watch cartoon line tv for the dubbed, or just type into google Log Horizon English Dubbed, and it will give several suggestions.


If you use kissanime (which I don’t recommend ever) at the very least use a bitmining script blocker. Kissanime uses a script to mine in your browser for as long as you have their website loaded. Give Kawaiifu a try if you need a new streaming site.

anime ost

what make you still remember this anime?
of course that ost lolz

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