Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Unlock and Play 2 Players Co-op

Luigis Mansion 3 How to Unlock and Play 2 Players Co op

One of the best ways to make a single-player game feel brilliant is by adding in the ability to play through with a friend. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, you can play almost the entire game with a friend of yours. Many gamers won’t realize that you can unlock a second playable character known as Gooigi.

Luigi’s gooey doppelgänger isn’t available right from the start of the campaign. Players will have to perform specific tasks before Gooigi becomes available. If you’re looking to get a buddy in on the fun immediately, here’s how you can unlock Co-op for Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to Unlock Gooigi

The first mission to put you on your pathway to unlocking Gooigi is finding the professor. Professor E. Gadd appears soon after you find out the true nature of the hotel. You will encounter him by merely following the Polterpup. Eventually, the dog will lead you to a painting in which the old ghost enthusiast is trapped. Use the Dark Light device to free the professor to complete the first step in unlocking Gooigi.

After you free the professor, he’ll ask you to help set up his portable lab. You’ll encounter a mini-boss battle, after which Gadd will set up his laboratory. The professor then sets Luigi on a fetch quest. Luigi must visit the professor’s hotel room on the 5th floor and retrieve the belongings from a ghost. The encounter can be tough. However, you shouldn’t have any significant trouble defeating the spirit.

Once you complete the quest, the professor will trap you and introduce Gooigi. Gooigi has different individual abilities from Luigi. After mastering the tutorial and freeing Luigi, you can play with your friend whenever you want.

How to Switch to 2-Player Co-op Mode

After you unlock Gooigi and complete his tutorial, you can easily access the Co-op option whenever you need. The first step is pressing the + button on your Nintendo Switch. Pressing the button will open up the Virtual Boo menu. Once you’re in the list, you’ll notice the Co-op button.

Pressing this button will lead to another command prompt. After the prompt, gamers will have to respond by inputting specific commands on their controllers. After the prompt goes away, players can enjoy the game as Luigi and Gooigi.

The fact that Gooigi has a different set of abilities makes the Co-op mode so much fun to play. With the severe lack of local co-op games currently, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a very welcome entry to the genre.

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