My Hero Academia Season 4: Confirmed Release Date For Fall 2019

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The well-anticipated return of Boku no Hero Academia is just a few months away as the fourth edition of this series will premier in October 2019. The exciting news broke out through the anime’s official website leaving its fanbase in shock. However, by the weird ending of season 3, this is unlikely to have caught Boku no Hero Academia’s hardcore fans off-guard. Nevertheless, all viewers are looking forward to its return.

Also, a 2nd animated film of Boku no Hero Academia will premier in the first quarter of 2020. Given the success of the first film that reached ¥500 million (US$4.5 million) in barely a week, viewers can expect better quality production and storytelling in the new movie. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes hit a stunning box office figure of ¥1.64 billion(US$14.5 million), which in hindsight explains why Studio Bones will be releasing two projects in such proximity.

My Hero Academia Season 4: Confirmed Release Date For Fall 2019 4

My Hero Academia Previous Episodes

My Hero Academia follows the life of Izuku Midoriya. While having supernatural abilities called “Quirks” is the norm, Izuku is part of the minority of people with no superpower. Like any unpopular high school student, Izuku dreams of one day having superpowers to fit in.

After a fateful encounter with All Might, the best Hero in the world, Izuku learns that his favorite Hero is dying and wishing to find a successor to his abilities. Seeing Izuku worthy, All Might passes on his powers to the young man allowing him to attend UA High school, a distinguished academy that trains Hero’s into to becoming somewhat like Izuku’s idol, All Might.

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What Can Fans Expect From My Hero Academia Season 4

Fans should also know that the 4th season’s official motto is “I’ll become your hero!”. Viewers can catch the show on YTV, NTV, and many other Japanese broadcasters. Manga readers will also have a reason to mark their calendars as the 23rd volume of Boku no Hero Academia will be published out on May 2, 2019.

My Hero Academia Season 4: Confirmed Release Date For Fall 2019 5

The 3rd season of My Hero Academia aired on April 7, 2018, and fans mostly got to see arcs from the manga such as “The Forest Training Camp” and “The Pro Hero Provisional License Exam.” Therefore we can expect to see the same pattern; however, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date

While Studio Bones revealed that Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 will premier in October, the exact date has yet to be announced. The news is likely to break out very soon on the show’s official website and Twitter page.


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