Nanbaka Season 3: Release Date? Will Fans Get A Sequel Of The Anime?

Nanbaka Season 3: Release Date? Will Fans Get A Sequel Of The Anime? 4

Are you ready for Nanbaka season 3? Don’t get too excited. The second season ended in March 2017, which is more than two years ago and there isn’t any news on a renewal of the show. Many expected season 3 of Nanbaka in early 2018, or early 2019, but Satelight studio has yet to put forth any more information about the series.

The biggest reason for such delay is that there is little of manga material to be used as a source. The anime adaptation is based on the manga of the same name, which only has six volumes. These six volumes were easily covered by two seasons of 12 episodes each and an OVA. You are, not waiting for season three, instead you are actually waiting for season two because season one was split into two cours. Most broadcasters just classified the two cours are separate seasons, so we will do the same.

There is still the possibility that Nanbaka season 3 is on a long-term break. We will continue with the positive thinking and classify the franchise as ongoing, but, we have yet to see any changes since 2017.

What Have Fans Seen So Far From The Previous Episodes

Nanbaka Season 3: Release Date? Will Fans Get A Sequel Of The Anime? 5

The anime follows the story of four men who are serving a sentence in prison, namely, Nanbaka. No one has managed to escape because of the high walls and the amazing security system. Like most other Japanese prisons, prisoners are split into their own individual groups and from there, each prisoner is numbered.

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The supervisor of Building 13’s, Hajime, life could be boring, yet thanks to the four men he is always on his toes. The four men are as follows: Jyugo- #1315, is creating an escape plan, Uno- #1311, is of British ancestry and is a con-artist and anti-feminist. The next two are Americans, Rock- #1369 and Nico- #1325. They are a diverse duet, one is a bully while the other one is an otaku, and altogether they are having lots of fun while being incarcerated.

Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date

Nevertheless, there is no proof that Nanbaka will return for season 3. This might come as bad news but it is better to give you the truth. But, we look forward to a possible announcement of the renewal of Nanbaka season 3, but there has not been any new information for Nanbaka season 3 release date since 2017.

Do not trust untrustworthy sources; only look for official announcements. There is no news or leaks, clarify by checking the anime’s official websites, which, now, is unavailable. Nevertheless, we did find a copy of the site in an archive but it was last updated in 2017. So together, we must come to terms that probably the franchise is no more under work.

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Nanbaka Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Nanbaka here is a short trailer of this awesome anime! 🙂


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