Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage: Tips, Guide and Cheats

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Assemble A Good Team

The first lesson that Kakashi taught Naruto and his squad was the value of teamwork. For this game, you need to put that lesson into practice too. Your team is the key to win in this game. You will be provided with a group containing for members: three of them are Al and the forth. You have to choose the most compatible three character with not only with each other but also with your gameplay style.

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Master The Game Controls

The game’s control mechanic is common among many action games. A virtual joystick will appear once you Hold and Tap with your left thumb. This will allow you to control your character movements. You will also notice five buttons on the screen. The smaller ones are for abilities while the bigger one with a fist symbol is for auto-attacks. There is a purple circle which will show you the current target. Once you eliminate that target, the circle will switch to another one. If you are sure that your team can handle the fight easily, you can use the Auto feature. Otherwise, you have to do the fight manually to ensure your triumph.

How To Unlock New Characters In Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

Unless you are playing your favorite characters from your favorite anime “Naruto” then what is the point playing, right? The game developers fully understood that and that is why unlocking new characters in the game is an easy process. Once you farm the needed fragments, you can unlock new heroes. Do not worry! Collecting them is not only simple to do but also quick!

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage – Characters Tier List

Don’t Forget About The Ninja Cards

In the game, ninja cards are considered as highly useful items. Why? Because you can use them to boost your characters stats. There is another kind of cards that offer you Ultimate Jutsu and Ninjutsu. You should never forget that as without those cards, your character will not possess any skills. Thus, always equip them with the previously mentioned cards before going to battle.

All you have to do to equip those cards is to top on the scroll icon. Once you do, you will get to see the list of Shinobi that you own. To equip a chosen character with a card, all you have to do is tap on him. Then you will shortly notice a subtitle « Equipped Cards » with ten available ninja card slots below it waiting for you to fill them in. Once you tap on any slot, you will be able to see what cards you own and which one to equip your character with.

How To Quickly Reroll In Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

Upgrade Your Village Buildings

Building your base is a simple task. You will be provided with five buildings as soon as you start the game: The Bank, The Monument, The Restaurant, and the shrine. Your headquarters is your base, and to be allowed to increase the level of your structure, you have to start first with the Base. The monument will be your source of Chakra, and the Shrine will be charged with stocking it. The restaurant will provide you with Ryo, which is the main currency in the game. The Bank gathers the Ryo and stocks them. Simply put, you have to upgrade those five buildings to improve the overall of your base

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Build Up Your Fortress

You may ask why? Well, the Fortress is in charge of protecting your headquarters. In other words, the better your Fortress is, the more immune against other players you are. They won’t be able to touch your base nor steal your resources. You will see a hamburger icon on the top corner of your screen so just click on it.

Once you do, a huge map with various « rooms » will be displayed to you. In each room, you can set up traps and other defensives. You can also assign a character to protect that specific room while also being allowed to deploy him in a mission simultaneously. In other words, nothing is keeping you from using your most powerful character for defense!

Once you advance in the game, terrain sets will be unlocked. What are they used for? You will be able to expand your fortress and reshape it. In other words, more buildings more defenses. Keep in mind that you should select the terrain that best serves your defense by simply tapping on the Terrain icon. Once you do, you will see a lot of options to pick from. Remember, this is a vital and crucial element in the game! We don’t want other players to steal your hard earned resources! So be wise when you are setting up your defenses.

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