Odd Taxi Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

After an epic season may Odd Taxi Season 2 come back? Read to find out more! In the spring of 2021, Odd Taxi was released as an original mystery anime. The anime was produced in partnership by Japanese animation studio OLM and P.I.C.S., whose manga was written by Kazuya Konomoto.

This anime was broadcast in Japan on both AT-X and television under the license of Crunchyroll. A series of 13 episodes was aired in Tokyo from April 6, 2021, to June 29, 2021. Odd Taxi was one of the most popular animes of 2021 because of its anthropomorphic animals. Anime fans are wondering if a second season of Odd Taxi will be produced. Let’s remember the series and take a look at all that is known about Odd Taxi Season 2.

Will Be There A Odd Taxi Season 2?

Will Be There A Odd Taxi Season 2?

The anime’s first season ended on June 29, 2021. There is no confirmation yet from OLM, Pics, or manga publisher Shogakukan that the Odd Taxi Season 2 will be renewed. The decision to renew an anime is usually based on several factors. 

It becomes difficult for us to imagine an anime show with a second season. Although it has a manga series, the anime is not based on it. At the present time, both the anime and manga are written by the same author. An adaptation may be in question if the manga series becomes ahead of the anime series in the future. Due to the author being the same for both the anime and manga, a second season of the series would be possible.

Despite being one of the top-rated anime shows of 2021, its style did not appeal to a large number of viewers. As of right now, the anime’s Twitter account is followed by only 27k people, which is not that impressive. Although it has a good presence on Google, it does not seem to reach a large audience in Japan. The anime, however, does not currently have an exclusive distributor. The likelihood of a second season will increase if it is licensed by a big distributor such as Netflix or Amazon in the future.

Odd Taxi Season 2 Release Date

Odd Taxi‘ season 1 aired in Japan on April 6, 2021, and ran until June 29, 2021. As of this writing, no renewal announcement has been made. There is no new season of the anime planned as of September 2021. No renewal is expected anytime soon, but we’ll keep you posted. As of now, the anime does not seem to have strong revenue or popularity to support a second season. Usually, such works do not receive a second season renewal. In spite of this, anime anything could happen. Considering the production timeline, a renewal can occur around 2023. 

Odd Taxi Season 2 Plot

Odd Taxi Season 2 Plot

We learned in season one that Odokawa suffers from Visual agnosia, a psychological condition that affects his ability to see objects. Odokawa perceives humans as animals due to the condition. When Shirakawa saves Odokawa, he finally starts seeing humans as humans. After recovering in the hospital, Imai brings Odokawa the 100 million dollars he retrieved from the river, but he instead gives it to Kuroda.

As the season came to an end, Odokawa’s condition was not the only surprise. We have discovered who is truly responsible for Yuki’s murder. It was Sakura, fourth on the list for the audition for Mystery Kiss.

As the season ended, Sakura boarded Odokawa’s taxi. Odokawa may already have identified the killer as that cat in his agnosia, but he is unable to identify Sakura in human form.

We will likely find out whether Odokawa survives his encounter with Sakura if the anime returns for season 2. We are also eager to see how Shirakawa and Odokawa’s budding romance develops, as well as Baba and Shibagaki’s after the two decided to keep their relationship going. 

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