Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2: After 10 Years Will Fans Get a Release Date?

ouran highschool season 2 release date

It has been a decade since the first season of Ouran HighSchool has been released. The anime has excellent feedbacks and now fans are currently waiting for Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2

Ouran High School Host Club (also known as Oran Koukou Host Club) is a Japanese manga series by Bisco Hatori. It was adapted into an anime by Bones studio directed by Takuya Igarashi. This show, although old, has remained a fan favorite, even though it has been over a decade since it has been released.

The rating Ouran High School Host Club has received on MyAnimeList speak for themselves; an excellent score of 8.31! This result alone is enough to serve as proof that the anime is one that many people in the community hold dear to their heart.

Ouran HighSchool Host Club Plot – What Fans Have Seen From The Previous Episodes

Haruhi Fujioka, a student who attends at Ouran High School, is a unique character to the school as Ouran High School is an academy for elite students. Whereas Haruhi is a scholarship candidate with no titles to brag about.

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In a search for a quiet place to study, Haruhi enters Music Room #3 where she encounters Host Club which is led by Tamaki and a bunch of other handsome, princely boys. This is the club where good-looking boys who have a lot of time on their hands entertain the girls at the academy.

In an attempt to get away from them, Haruhi accidentally breaks a vase that is worth eight million yen. Because of this, she is forced to become their errand boy to repay her debt. Fortunately for her masculine appearance, she is promoted to a member of the club and can pull off all sorts of antics that can only be done by the Ouran High School Host Club.

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Ouran HighSchool Host Club Season 2 Release Date

Ouran High School Host Club is an anime that does not lack in popularity a single bit. This led to the show receiving a live-action series which began airing in 2011. Later on, the officials announced that the series would be getting a live action movie; and as promised, it did in 2012.

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But our question is, will Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 be released? As of now, we have not received any news or announcements regarding the sequel of Ouran High School Host Club being released. Nothing has been confirmed so far. We believe that the anime receiving a sequel is not likely going to happen as it has been a long time, well over a decade since the show finished airing, and the anime has remained silent ever since.

Even though it was loved by the majority of the anime community, the officials have not done anything to give the series renewal. Another factor that solidifies the chances of Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 not being released is that there is plenty of source material for the studio and producers to adapt into an anime.

Even then, the officials have not taken an initiative to renew the show. But we never know, maybe the officials may decide one day that the show needs to be renewed and they might release Ouran High School Host Club Season 2.

Ouran HighSchool Host Club Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Ouran HighSchool Host Club here is a short trailer of this awesome anime. 🙂

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