Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Season 2: Updates & News

recovery of an mmo junkie season 2 release date

It has been around two years since the first season Recovery of an MMO Junkie aired. Will there be a sequel to the show? If yes, when is the release date possibly going to be? What will the second season be about? Read on more to find out.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie is a Japanese manga series by Rin Kokuyo. It was adapted into an anime series by Signal.MD under the direction of Kazuyoshi Yaginuma. The anime aired from October 10, 2017, to December 12, 2017. The fans received the series really well as is evident from its score on MyAnimeList – 7.78 from over 130,000 users as of the writing of this article. The series was very popular as the isekai genre was a very prevalent theme which has almost become a genre – it still is prevalent even to this day. People loved the idea of the game world, and this genre was practically guaranteed to be a success (not always, but there was a high chance). Fans enjoyed how the story was driven, and to this day, they eagerly await for the second season of Recovery of an MMO Junkie to take place.

The Plot of Recovery of an MMO Junkie

The story of Recovery of an MMO Junkie is about the MMO game – Fruits de Mer. It follows Moriko Morioka, a 30-year-old woman who is happy about leaving her job. She starts playing video games as she has a lot of free time to spare. In the game world, Moriko takes on the form of Hayashi – her dashing male avatar.

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recovery of an mmo junkie season 2 spoiler episodes trailer

She meets a kind and adorable healer name Lily; and both almost immediately become friends. Moriko fully immerses herself into the MMO and rarely leaves the safety of her apartment, only leaving if necessary. Meanwhile, on the other side of the town, a corporate worker, Yuuta Sakurai has joined Fruits de Mer. They bump into each other at a convenience store one night. Little do they know that this encounter was fate as both of them has much more in store for them.

What Fans Are Saying About Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 Release Date

Recovery of an MMO Junkie was received very well by the community and the chances of Recovery of an MMO Junkie Season 2 is very likely to happen. The issue is that the original manga had been on a hiatus due to the creator, Rin Kokuyo’s health condition was not good.

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There is no need to worry about the manga as according to some sources the manga has not been canceled since Rin will be able to get back into working once her condition improves while other sources state the ending of the manga. While the anime may be delayed, we pray for Rin Kokuyo’s health to improve.


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