Re:Zero Season 2: Anime Has Been Announced! When It’s The Release Date?

Re:Zero Season 2: Anime Has Been Announced! When It's The Release Date? 4

We agree that the first season of Re:Zero did not have a logical ending. So, there must be a sequel to it to continue the story. Yes, it does exist. For the people who had the opportunity to read the light novel series, can easily see that there is enough of source material the studio can use for a season 2 of Re:Zero.

But why is White Fox remaining silent about the release date of the second season of the anime? Maybe, you may have read or heard spoilers from various articles. However, there still has not been any official confirmation concerning the release date of Re:Zero Season 2.

Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another World Season 2 has been announced. This was not a surprise since there is a huge amount of source material for the studio to work on for the sequel. The web novel is so vast that it has been split into six major arcs. The first volume of the anime had only adapted the first 9 volumes of the light novel.

Re:Zero Season 2: Anime Has Been Announced! When It's The Release Date? 5

Currently, there are 19 in total, and the last arc is very long compared to the others. Allow me to put this into perspective. The first three arcs of the light novel series required only 155 chapters, whereas the last arc alone needed 130 chapters. So it is pretty clear that there isn’t any issue of shortage of source material.

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Subaru Natsuki, a teenager, is socially awkward and avoids socializing with the people around him. You could say that he was a loner. He preferred to play video games all on his own. But one day, he gets pulled out from his normal life and shows up in what seems to be, a fantasy world, a game world. His hobby had become a reality. Upon reaching this fantasy world, he is assaulted by a group of thugs. Armed with only a bag of groceries and a cell phone, there wasn’t anything that he could do. Luckily for him, a silver-haired girl comes to his rescue.

Her name is Satella. She is searching for her stolen insignia. To repay her, Subaru decides to assist her in her search. When they finally find it, they realize a dark force had been after them the whole time. The dark force brutally murders Subaru and Satella. A few moments later, Subaru wakes up. In the same situation, he started in this fantasy world, assaulted by the same thugs, saved by Satella, all over again. Little does he know, that he has a mysterious power in this world. He has the ability to restart his life all over again.

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Re:Zero Season 2: Anime Has Been Announced! When It's The Release Date? 6

Re:Zero Season 2 Release Date

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Season 2 has been announced for being the sequel of the first season. Though Kadokawa, White Fox or anyone else has not confirmed the release date of the second season of Re:Zero. The date on which it will air still remains a mystery. Since Re:Zero OVA 2 is scheduled to air in late 2019, we believe that Re:Zero Season2 will begin airing in 2020. But this is just our thought.

Watch Re:Zero Episodes Dubbed In English

You can watch the English Dubbed Episodes of ‘Re:Zero’ on Funimation and Crunchyroll

Re:Zero Season 2 Announcement Trailer

As Re:Zero Season 2 has been finally announced here is a short trailer from it.


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