Poll: Which Fortnite Season Do You Like the Most?

which fortnite season do you miss the most

Through various seasons Fortnite was able to accumulate loads of player and become one of the most played battle royale. Although there have been loads of changes between the seasons.. So what is your favorite Season in Fortnite? and Why?

  • Which Fortnite Season Do you Like the Most?

    • fortnite season 1 poll
      Season 1
    • fortnite season 2 poll
      Season 2
    • fortnite season 3 poll
      Season 3
    • fortnite season 4 poll
      Season 4
    • fortnite season 5 poll
      Season 5
    • fortnite season 6 poll
      Season 6
    • fortnite season 7 poll
      Season 7
    • fortnite season 8 poll
      Season 8
    • fortnite season 9 poll
      Season 9
    • fortnite season 10 x poll
      Season 10


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