Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Will A Release Date Come Out Soon?

sailor moon season 4 release date when it is coming out

The third season of Sailor Moon Crystal was released two years ago since then fans have been wondering if Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 will get an announcement and a release date.

Sailor Moon Crystal (also known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal in Japan) is an anime adaptation of the manga series Sailor Moon, which was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.

It is produced by Toei Animation and directed by Munehisa Sakai for the first two seasons and then by Chiaki Kon from the third season to present. The series was loved by the fans; a lot of them for nostalgic purposes as Sailor Moon Crystal is the reboot of the original anime, Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Plot – What Fans Have Seen So Far From The Previous Episodes

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Will A Release Date Come Out Soon? 4

Season 1

The first season of Sailor Moon Crystal follows Usagi Tsukino, a clumsy and sensitive 14-year-old girl who meets a mysterious talking black cat with a crescent moon symbol on its forehead named Luna. Luna grants Usagi Tsukino magical powers; Usagi is now able to transform into Sailor Moon, a magical girl who protects peace and love.

Usagi has been appointed as the guardian of justice and is given a task- to find the Silver Crystal, a gem that holds massive power, as well as searching for the other Sailor Guardians and the princess of the Moon Kingdom, Luna’s home.

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However, she does have opposition, the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, wants the Silver Crystal for herself. Usagi will have to learn to balance school, family, and being Sailor Moon all at the same time.

Season 2

After peace has been restored to Earth, Sailor Moon prepares to live a normal life along with Mamoru and her friends. But fate has other plans for Usagi; as a little girl falls from the sky, claiming to have the same name as Usagi.

She is nicknamed Chibiusa by Usagi and her friends. The Black Moon Clan, a group of villains led by Prince Demande, is after Chibiusa and the Silver Crystal. Chibiusa is later revealed to be Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s daughter from the future.

Chibiusa has come from the future in search of Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal to save her mother. Sailor Moon and her friends accompany Chibiusa to the future to restore peace.

Season 3

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: Will A Release Date Come Out Soon? 5

Usagi is still struggling to balance her regular life with her duties as Sailor Moon. Along with the other Sailor Guardians and Mamoru Chiba, they investigate the cases of the students from Mugen Academy, a school attended by the most elite students.

The students attending there are being transformed into monsters. While investigating, they meet three other people. As even more incidents take place one after another, the Sailor Guardians have another surprise in store for them.

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Two planetary protectors appear before them with intentions of their own. It is not sure whether they are friend or foe; but all of them have a common enemy, an entity that goes by the name of Pharaoh 90.

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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 Release Date

So far, nothing has been confirmed by the officials; but there is a rumor going around saying that the fourth season will come as a film series that contains two parts which are directed by Chiaki Kon. Although this information has not been confirmed yet.

Let’s wait until Winter 2021 before making any more assumptions. We suggest such a date this far in the future as this is only based on rumor and the Sailor Moon seasons have plots that conclude in the same season. So, the odds of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 seems unlikely. But since it’s a classic and has made a comeback after a long hiatus, we never know where the officials are going with this series.


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