Land of the Lustrous Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Show?

As someone who’s a HUGE “Land of the Lustrous” fan, I wanted to see how many others knew as much about the anime as I do. Please enjoy! 😀

  • Why can’t Cinnabar live among the other gems?

    • They prefer it that way
    • They were banished by Sensei
    • Their body emits poison
    • They just don’t get along with everyone else
  • After being digested by a snail, what exactly happened to Phos’s body?

    • They became a slug
    • It returned to the ocean
    • It became part of the shell
    • They died
  • Who does Diamond envy and why?

    • Phos; they were turned into a slug and able to live freely
    • Euclase; they were great at calculations and weren’t required to fight
    • Bortz; they’re extremely strong and didn’t allow Diamond to fight
    • All of the above
  • Why wasn’t Phos able to get help after Antarcticite’s kidnapping?

    • They were too far from the school to get Sensei’s help
    • They were stuck on the moon
    • They were threatened by the Lunarians
    • The other gems were in hibernation
  • Which numbers did the twin Amethysts refer to themselves as?

    • 54 and 23
    • 54 and 33
    • 84 and 43
    • 84 and 33
  • What saved Phos from getting kidnapped in episode 8?

    • Antarcticite fought off the Lunarians
    • They were protected by the alloy
    • Sensei saved them
    • The Lunarians spared them
  • Why can’t Alexandrite see the Lunarians?

    • It brings back bad memories
    • They just aren’t allowed to by Sensei’s orders
    • They turn into “Red Alex” and faint
    • They’re blind
  • What was Phos’s main objective in the beginning of Season 1?

    • Finishing the encyclopedia
    • Finding a way to join the fight
    • Changing themselves
    • Finding a job for Cinnabar
  • Who was the mysterious gem that Rutile tried to put back together?

    • Ruby
    • Padparadscha
    • Pink Topaz
    • Ghost Quartz
  • What made Phos start to distrust Sensei?

    • He lied to the gems
    • They caught him conspiring with the Lunarians
    • Cinnabar informed them of his supposed “relationship” with the Lunarians
    • Sensei knew the name of a Lunarian that entered the school
  • Who is the oldest of the gems (besides Sensei)?

    • Padparadscha
    • Rutile
    • Yellow Diamond
    • Bort

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