Tachibanakan Triangle (Love to Lie Angle) Season 2: Release Date? Will Fans Get The Chance To See A Sequel?

The critically acclaimed mangaka, named Merryhaci, the same one who wrote Citrus in early 2018, but that is not what the article is about. It is about a manga called Tachibanakan, which, unlike Citrus, is actually an impeccable read with no excess drama and great plot development. The adaptation aired from April 4th, 2018 to June 20th, 2018, made fans excited, but they were let down soon after. A creator in A Pack decided to air the anime as a three-minute short anime series like what was done for “Alice or Alice”, and that took away things from the manga that made it enjoyable.

What Have Fans Seen From The Previous Episodes

Although the anime was only aired for two minutes, not including the opening and ending sequences, the scriptwriters tried to cram as much as they could into those two minutes. Because of that, it did line up somewhat with the manga, but the pacing of the anime was a major problem. The whole plot is rather simple;

Natsuo, the main character, goes back to her hometown to pursue high school with an entirely fresh start. But, her expectations are thrown out of the window when she sees her dormitory. The dormitory is far from the descriptions, and her dorm mates are not normal high schoolers as he hopes to be. The plot has the same old ecchi parts and way too rushed yuri developments of all the characters, even Natsuo.

Blend S Season 2 Release Date

Tachibanakan Triangle (Love to Lie Angle) Season 2 Release Date

The manga has a vast amount of good quality “Yuri”, which is sought after by many, with seven volumes. Sadly, the anime speeds through them a lot even though they are only shorts. If the producers made it into a standard anime format, perhaps reviews and sales would be much greater.

But currently, there are low reviews, rating, and even potentially, the anime would have cost more than what was made. This makes the chances of a second season rather minuscule. The producers have not spoken publicly about any airing dates for Tachibanakan Triangle (Love to Lie Angle) Season 2 Release Date, so its future is a mystery.

Tachibanakan Triangle (Love to Lie Angle) Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Tachibanakan Triangle (Love to Lie Angle) here is a short trailer of this awesome anime! 🙂


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