The Asterisk War Season 3: Release Date? When It Is Coming Out?

The Asterisk War Season 3: Release Date? When It Is Coming Out? 4

Keeping in mind Asterisk war’s popularity around the world, it wouldn’t be hard to say that there are a lot of people waiting for its season 3. With many people eagerly waiting for the official release date announcement. After a quick look at the popular anime’s official website, it shows that the last news was released on 25th April 2017 and it was regarding Vol: 3 & 4. Till now, there has been no announcement for a new season on this website.

According to our opinion, the series is far from over and here are a few reasons why we think so:

The Asterisk war is a Japanese light novel series, this series is currently in progress. Also, to be noted is that, the worldwide publishers aren’t keeping pace with the Japanese publishers. To date, there are two volumes that are yet to be released, with one expected to be released on 11th December 2018, while the next one’s release date is said to be 19th March, 2019.

On the other hand, five additional chapters are currently available in Japan; these were issued in Japan 25th April 2018. For this reason, additional material is present, that could be shown in the third season of the Asterisk War.

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The Asterisk War Season 3: Release Date? When It Is Coming Out? 5

Another good news for the fans of this series is that Asterisk war is now available on Netflix since November 2018, and, as we all know, Netflix is a leading global streaming website that only chooses to stream that shows that are promising and have a large fanbase. In the unfortunate event that the show’s production studio decides to not continue the show, there is a high chance that Netflix itself will renew it for a new season.

From history, it can be noted that each anime, that has been chosen to be shown on Netflix, has a high chance of getting a new season or having its story continued. I believe that before buying this show, Netflix must have taken in to account the reaction this show got from the audience and the show’s ratings.

In short, based on the facts that we’ve provided, it’s safe to say that, this show has a very high chance of getting a new season. Since the story has further progressed in the new volumes and is now available for viewing on Netflix, we are hoping that one day or the other, next season for this show will be released.

The Asterisk War Previous Episodes Plot

In the rare chance that you haven’t yet seen this anime, here’s a summary to catch up:

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The Economic state of Earth begins to rapidly decline one day after an event called Invertia destroys most of the planet’s cities and severely shifts the power status of the countries of the world. Soon after this event, mega corporations called the Integrated Enterprise Foundation rise to power. This event results in humans gaining superpowers, these next generation of humans are called Genestella. This next generation of human beings begins to attend a special school for students that possess unique physical abilities.

The Asterisk War Season 3: Release Date? When It Is Coming Out? 6

The main protagonist of this story is Ayato Amagiri, a recently transferred student who is enrolled into Seidoukan Academy, which is among the six highest-rated institutions in Japan. In these institutions, the students are taught how to successfully control their powers, and they are made to compete in tournaments called Festas. But on his very first day, Ayato gets into trouble, and now he has to accept the challenge given to him by a female student. But it is revealed that he had another purpose of joining this institute, which was to search for his missing sister who was also a student In this institute.

Asterisk War Season 3 Release Date

According to the facts that I’ve stated above, it cannot be ignored that the chances of Asterisk war getting a season 3 are very high. It doesn’t matter which company renews this show; whether it’s A-1 Pictures Inc. or Netflix, it doesn’t make a difference as long as fans get a new season of the show.

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In case the show gets a new season, I would predict the release date to be around upcoming fall, or in the early 2020s. It’s difficult confirming any of the predictions being made due to no official announcement regarding its season 3.

Asterisk War Trailer

If you have not watched this awesome anime, watch the trailer, you might love it!


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Sensei Hachiman

I hope it come in 2020

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