The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou) Season 2: When Is Its Release Date Coming Out?

The King’s Avatar (also known as Quanzhi Gaoshou) based on a light novel series written by Hu Dielan. It revolves around an online, multiplayer video game called Glory. The anime was received well by the fans and heard its share of praise in the anime community. It has a high score of 8.09 on MyAnimeList.

Fans have been waiting for a sequel ever since it finished airing in June 2017. G.CMay Animation & Film took responsibility in adapting it into an anime. The first season of the anime comprised of 12 episodes which aired from April 7, 2017, to June 16, 2017.

The King’s Avatar Plot – What Fans Have Seen From The Previous Episodes

In the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu was widely regarded as an avant-garde and top class professional gamer. Ye Xiu got dubbed the “Battle God” for his exceptional skills, battle prowess and contributions to the game over the years. But one day, when Ye Xiu is forced to retire from his team and to leave his gaming career as a whole, he has no choice but to find work. He begins working at a nearby internet cafe.

While he was working there, Glory launches its new server. Ye Xiu gets into the game without hesitation. He started playing the game under his new alias: Lord Grim. As he played on, his achievements early on in the game caught the attention of many players as well as the prominent guilds in the game. They wondered about who could be this exceptional player.

But, even though he has ten years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge about the game, starting again without any sponsors nor a team, in a game that has advanced over the years brings a whole new set of problems onto Ye Xiu’s plate. However, Ye Xiu isn’t disheartened, but is ready and dedicated to rising to his former glory in the game that he plays best.

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Spoiler Alert: What Fans Can Expect From The King’s Avatar Season 2 Episodes

Disclaimer: The following section is based on speculation and rumors. The officials have confirmed not all of it. If you do not wish to spoil The King’s Avatar Season 2 for yourself, skip this section.

The three episodes featured the All-Stars event and also gave us a glimpse of what it means to be a pro player. By the end of Episode 3, Team Happy takes shape; and we believe that they will be the main focus of The King’s Avatar Season 2.

The King’s Avatar Season 2 Release Date

The King’s Avatar Season 2 has already received three episodes in 2018. The release of The King’s Avatar Season 2 has been confirmed to release in the anime season of Summer 2019, most probably in July 2019. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for the renewal of the anime with The King’s Avatar Season 2. According to MAL, it is believed to be comprised of 24 episodes in the second season.

Along with the sequel, a movie under the title Quan Zhi Gao Shou: For the Glory has been rumored to be released this year. That is most probably going to turn out to be true. The fans of The King’s Avatar will have a great year of anime in 2019.

The King’s Avatar Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of The King’s Avatar then here is a short trailer of it! 🙂

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Look like this anime will not aires for a while because the studio haven’t announced a date just a July 2019 but even August there is no rumor of when can we watch it so I am actually desperate because I have await this anime for one year and half.


Sometimes sequels can take longer than expected before being released. A good example is Berserk, which took a good 15 years before getting a second season :p

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