Tier List and Best Characters to use in Era of Legends

Tier List and Best Characters to use in Era of Legends 4

The Era of Legends features eight classes, and in each server or account, you can build or create up to five characters. Choosing a class is the first and most crucial step. Your character class will determine your part in a team dungeon or PVP encounters. For instance; if you select the tank class character, you will head from the front and tank damage for your team. On the other hand, if you pick the damage class character, your purpose would be of applying the highest damage possible.

Era of Legends: Warrior

This class relies principally on health points and his high defense power because it is the “tank” of the classes. The Warriors will always be located in the front line of any fight, trying to decrease the incoming damage. They do have sufficient damage on their own, mainly when you equip them up with offensive stuff, but when going against some tough bosses, it’s best to have a moderately balanced build (Damage, Health points, and Defense).

Playstyle: You will want to constantly be in the front and take the boss’ aggro because your skills help you alleviate quite a lot of its damage while the rest of the team is bursting the boss down. If you are seeking to go a little bit more aggressive, you still shouldn’t skip the health points boosts because the class in itself is tanky by default, so you’ll profit mostly from that. If you want to pick the Warrior, expect to be the one in the leading line of many raids and rely on the heals incoming from the Priests and Shamans.

Warrior Skills Highlight

  • Warrior class has the stun ability. His smash skill deal damage as well as stun the target for a few seconds
  • Improves the physical defense, magic defense with shield skill
  • Raises damage reduction(Secret Art)
  • An increase in Movement Speed(Secret Art)
  • Protects the ally by seeking damage(Secret Art)

Era of Legends: Shaman

No healer or buffer class is ever simple to play because their whole team will rely on them to maintain them safe, alive and comfortable. It is quite hard to be good at keeping track of all the buffs on your team members while also trying to maintain them alive, so if you become good at this class, then you will quickly find a guild to join in. The Shamans can do quite a chunk of damage while having great sustain, so if you want to play a “semi mage” class, then this is the one. I fancy this class for the different play style that it can allow, so if you know what you’re doing, then it can give quite a “relaxed” play style.

Playstyle: You will be lying in the back (on the back line) and keep record of all your team members’ buffs and health point. If you choose that you don’t want to play as a guarding Shaman, then you can converge your attention on your summons and damage dealing power. That can be great too, mainly if your team has other healers. But remember to keep buffing your party!

Shaman Skills Highlight

  • Heals the health points of an ally
  • Apply magic damage and interrupt targets
  • Summons a fire totem, which auto-attacks opponents or mobs
  • Summons a water totem, which auto-heals allies
  • Improves the statistics for all allies (Secret Arts)
  • Turns the enemy into a frog for a few seconds (Secret Arts)
  • Increases damage reduction of allies (Secret Arts)
  • Increases attack power of all allies (Secret Arts)
  • Reduces enemy speed (Secret Arts)

Era of Legends: Mage

The Mage class has extremely high AoE damage, which means that they will slaughter crowds of mobs coming your way in a matter of instants. They are remarkably strong in PvP especially, because of the AoE damage which can affect multiple enemy players at once. They are pretty weak in defense, so you will need to be very careful in case enemies are approaching you, because the Mage’s health points are pretty low (as they focus on Damage principally).

Playstyle: Always stand at the back of your team and apply damage to everything that is moving. It’s not difficult at all, because the range of this character is insane and the skills do loads of damage. You should build principally on damage items, because this class is not specifically made for taking any damage there are other classes made for that. It’s pretty fun for a starting character, so if you don’t know what to choose yet, try this one out!

Mage Skills Highlight

  • Bombard the enemy multiple times
  • Blast the enemy, inflict massive magic damage
  • Bombard the enemy and interrupts targets
  • Soul Rain skill deals magic damage for a few seconds(continuously)
  • Self-teleporting(Secret Art)
  • Increases moving speed(Secret Art)
  • Turns the opponent into a sheep, removes damage effects(Secret Art)
  • Self-Healing(Secret Art)

Era of Legends: Priest

This is the weaker version of the Shaman, but it relies more on healing and less on damage dealing. The Priests offer very strong single target heals and provide a lot of protection for the headliners. They do have a bit of damage, but it is nothing matched to Shamans and Mages, so let’s not even go there.

Playstyle: Remain at the back line and select a target to heal. Just like with the Shamans, the Priests are a significant faction in the game as they will be the group’s key to get rewards from difficult raids and battles. They are less hard to play, so if you want to be a healer (or learn how to be a healer), this class will be great for your need.

Priest Skills Highlight

  • Heals an ally(single target)
  • Reduces enemy movement speed
  • Grants health shield to an ally
  • Removes debuffs from the allies(Secret Art)
  • Increases movement speed and Chanting speed (Secret Art)
  • Reduces ally’s damage taken(Secret Art)

Era of Legends: Assassin

Ninjas are masters in one-shotting enemies basically (well, not the Bosses, certainly) and they deal a lot of single target damage. Since they are melee fighters, they can only converge all their damage on one enemy at a time, so they can also get bursted down easily. The Assassins and making up for the colossal damage they deal with their reduction of defensive stats. They shine in PvP (single target PvP) and can do very well against bosses.

Playstyle: No matter what, you will have to be in the front line near the tank. However, if you are going toward boss monsters, you should keep an eye out on their attacks and try to avoid them at all costs. Since the class is very squishy, make sure you aren’t catching the boss aggro because if it is a strong one you might end up dead. So basically you need to be accurate with your attacks and positioning and also look out for multiple enemy incoming attacks in PvP because you will probably be the target quite a lot.

Assassin Skills Highlight

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Stealth mode lets you escape the battle instantly
  • Critical Hits
  • Self-teleporting and Sneak(Secret Art)
  • Self-Healing(Secret Art)
  • Increases movement speed(Secret Art)
  • Stuns the enemy(Secret Art)

Era of Legends: Witch

It is a delightful class to play if you like to summons creatures and using dark skills, and also if you want to deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies or a single target. The Witch does great in PvP too because of the DoT abilities (damage over time), and that’s because they could go unseen and cannot be out healed. Against the bosses, you will not see a significant damage input in a matter of seconds like the Assassin but rather do high damage steadily and continuously. This class also has many debuffs which are suitable for reducing the enemy defense and health points.

Playstyle: The play style is not too heavy, but will need you to hit and be concerned about the enemy’s buffs continually. Since the Witch is a debuffer (among other things), you will need to debuff the enemies and weaken the bosses in every fight, so you are going to be quite an essential addition to any team. You will also need to stay in the back line and send your summons ahead to fight for you, while you apply your DoT and debuffs. It’s not an extremely hard playstyle if you are used to it, but for starters, it could get a little unusual at times.

Witch Skills Highlight

  • Bombard the enemy multiple times(Inflict damage)
  • Immolate Effect(Like Soul Rain)
  • Summons a devil with Health Points and Attackto assist in the battle •
  • Restores Health Points

Era of Legends: Archer

If you prefer dealing good damage and being agile on your feet, then this class might do it for you. All the classes in Era of Legends are quite equal here, so they can’t be that bad.

Playstyle: You will have to stand in the back line while avoiding all the incoming attacks (because the Archers got extremely low health points and defense) and send your pets to do the job for you. It’s a relatively easy class, so if you don’t care about the low defensive stats, then clearly go for it!

Archer Skills Highlight

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Summons a beast with Health Points and attackto assist in the battle
  • Interrupt effect upon power shot
  • AoE Scatter Shot
  • Increases attack
  • Knock-Back(Secret Art)
  • Trap the enemy(Secret Art)
  • Increases movement speed (Secret Art)
  • Reduces enemy speed(In-range, Secret Art)

Era of Legends: Druids

They are pretty exciting, as they can mutate into beasts. This class is another tanky one (like the Warrior class) which means that they excel with defense power and have lots of health points. The problem of playing this class comes mainly from the abilities timing and positioning, as it could be quite harsh sometimes.

Playstyle: The Druids can have two kinds of abilities: Human and Beast. So you need to be very cautious and learn them before going into the more hard battles. Positioning is also crucial, as their defensive stats are great, but you shouldn’t rely on that alone. Either way, use the healers in your party to keep you alive, and you should have no problems with keeping fighting.

Druid Skills Highlight

  • Inflicts physical damage
  • Increases character health point and physical defense
  • AoE Moon Raven skill inflicts enemies in range
  • Knock-back
  • Heal allies
  • Buff allies by increasing their attack power, movement speed SPD
  • Increases defense, health points(Secret Art)
  • damage Reduction of all team members(Secret Art)

If you want to select one that will suit your play style, read all about them and let us know which character you went for! Now I can’t tell you that one is better than the other, because they are all excellent and have their roles, but if you want to go for something OP from the very beginning, I’d pick Mage.

If you are already quite experienced with the game, I’d advise that you try one of these three: Shaman, Witch or Assassin, because they could be a lot of fun to play, but once you master their skills you will be unstoppable!

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