Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 4

Since it’s release date The Elder Scrolls Blades have received mixed reviews, players surely expected better game from the company “Bethesda”. In my opinion is just a matter of point of views. The game has a lot of adventures and has great graphics so in case you’re a newbie you will surely enjoy the game! And in case you need some help and advice just read this article!

Make Sure You Explore Your Quests Areas

The Elder Scrolls Blades differs from the bigger Elder Scrolls games in the sense that it isn’t an open world. By contrast, players need to collect quests before activating them via a menu which would teleport them to a dungeon or an area, in which you can complete your quest.

These areas aren’t vast, yet most of the time they constitute of side rooms and tunnels which you can explore. You can discover many hidden treasures in such areas, usually chests, which you won’t be able to see them if you merely stick to the quest marker.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 5

Once you slew enough number of bandits or collected the required amount of wood, the quest will be completed, and the game will show you a message informing you that your task is completed. Once done, you have two option either to press a button and leave or to choose the alternative which enables you to explore the area after finishing the quest. I recommend the later one. You may still find enemies, loot, and secrets in a dungeon even after finishing a quest. So why not spend extra time exploring? You may get more goodies and experience.

As Any Other RPG Game Your Gear Is Really Important

After a few battles, your gear will need some repair, like most games, they have durability. To do so, requires gold. Each item requires a certain amount of gold. This amount also varies depending on the damage that it received.

Here is a tip! Avoid wasting your money until your gear durability is 70% or lower then you can repair it. This will be useful especially when you are short on gold.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 6

Another way of saving gold and making weapons much more durable is to equip lower level daggers and swords you drop from quests with you while going through a low-level dungeon or quest. It is illogical to damage your legendary sword just to kill an unworthy prey.

Be Wise When Building Up Your Town

Once you gain enough levels, new loots, and items, you will be eligible to build and level up your town. A variety of decorations and buildings will continue to become available. It will even enable you to unlock new facilities or styles. Such facilities would permit you to produce potions or unique decorations which you can apply to modify and improve your buildings.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 7

Think ahead before building new homes or shops; each building requires a different space. For instance, the majority of shops need two empty lots while others only require one. Yet if you misposition a building, you can destroy it and replace it.

Upgrade Your Inventory Slots By Spending Gems

While playing, you will end up earning free gems. Know that gems are considered the premium currency in the game. You can use those gems to skip the timer when unlocking chests or building. However, I advise you to spend them in exchange for an inventory slots increase first. Why ? simply because you will end up your stock limit of various chests which you will end up collecting along the way. By doing so, you will avoid being unable to accumulate any new chests because you run out of space.

How To Make Combos In Elder Scrolls Blades

Making Combos in The Elder Scrolls Blades is essential to finish enemies quickly.

You Can Buy, Sell, and Recover Items At Your BlackSmith

First, you will be assigned with the task of helping rescue a blacksmith and then aiding him to reconstruct his blacksmith shop. You should do this as soon as possible since his shop is essential and useful for all sorts of things such as selling or salvaging items.

The question is what to do with all those worthless swords and shields that you have managed to collect.W ell go to the blacksmith shop and trade them in exchange for materials.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 8

I advise you to sell stuff instead of salvaging. Why? Because Gold is a must to repair your gear. I discovered also that I got a fair amount of materials by merely doing quests. I expect that to salvage more of them rather than to sell them would be the best option. The main reason for this is that it will be more useful to construct your town and gear using those materials. Bear in mind that gold acquiring rate will become steady once you build up your town meaning that selling would not be necessary.

Explore The Abyss

Once you speak to Theodor for the first time, you can explore the Abyss. As you keep going further and further, you will earn experience points and more rewards.

With lower quality gear you will find the abyss extremely challenging, but trust me, it will worth discovering. Save your revival scrolls and avoid using them on your first few treks in the Abyss. Because as you level up and get deeper into the massive dungeon, you will need them.

Fights And Battles

Each quest in Blades requires you to fight some creatures, bandits or other baddies. The first quests available to you, will help you learn the basics. In case you missed them, here are some tips.

The right time to attack is a key factor when it comes to landing critical hits successfully. Be patient and wait for the circle to fill the ring. Once the loop is in contact with the outer ring, quickly remove your finger off the screen. If you do it at the proper time, when the circle and ring are in contact, you will surely strike a critical hit.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 9

Remember to block. In combat, you see a small shield icon on the left of your screen. When you hold it, it will enable you to block. In other words the longer you hold it, the longer your blocks. You will be able to counter an enemy attack right away if you successfully block them since they will end up getting stunned.

Regarding quicker and less powerful foes, like rats or wolves, try to avoid swinging wildly. Most of the time, you only be able to strike them when they are attacking or jumping towards you. I personally hold my finger down to get my weapon ready just in case. Once the rat is in close range, I let go and deal the killing blow. Bear in mind that smaller beasts rarely take more than one hit.

Potions and Healings

During combat, you will surely receive some damage or run out of some mana. Don’t panic! As with one click on icons that appears after receiving fatal blows or casting spells, you can use your mana and health potions. Furthermore, you can use the potion in your inventory when you are out of combat.

Whenever you are in a Dungeon or in the middle of a quest, always check for food items like meat, mushrooms or cheese. There is a high chance of finding such items in these areas. They will be useful for you as you can use them to recover from any damage taken. Considering the large of stock of food which you can obtain from quests, you will rarely need to consume your potion to recover.

Always Check What Chests Hold In

Unlike the chests in The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, in Elder Scrolls Blade, you have to collect them and open them via timers and menus.

Most of the time you will find weapons, armor or crafting materials in the chest which you will unlock. There is also the chance of finding gems as well. You will find them handy as they will help you upgrading your town or becoming more powerful. However, chests can also be annoying, since they take a considerable amount of your time to open them some may waste hours before you can get their loot. If you are on a hurry, spend a few gems to open them instantly. But, I advise you otherwise.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 10

One solution of avoiding any waste of your gems to unlock a chest is to open one before logging off the game or going out on a quest. This will help use your time better since you can do other tasks while the chest slowly unlocks.

Remember, you can only have one chest unlocking at a time. Thus, try to open the smallest ones, wooden chests, before starting with any big chest. These wooden chests require only a short amount of time, but if you begin unlocking a big chest that will take hours before a small chest. In other words, you will have to spend a gem to open the wooden crate.

How to Get Free Gems in The Elder Scrolls: Blade

Dungeons: This is the most successful but least reliable way of discovering free Gems. In a classic RPG style, there are loads of jars, crates, and whatnot which you may smash, and they flash/glow so that you know they’re breakable.

Levelling Up: Whenever your character levels up, you get prizes. Sometimes these come as Gems, and in an adequate amount. You get experience for defeating enemies, but it is quicker to get experience by completing Quests or Jobs.

Tips, Tricks and Guide on How to Play in The Elder Scrolls: Blades 11

Perform in the Abyss and Arena modes: Abyss is the game’s endless dungeon, where you will find no healing potions laying around and you merely see just how far into the depths it is possible to drop, with more excellent loot obtained the longer you can stay alive in the Abyss. The Arena PvP mode is not even accessible in the Early Access, but I am definitely sure that they will provide with rewards for each season.

Complete Quests, Jobs, and Challenges: There’ll be Quests and Jobs, specifically, that give some Gems out.

Additional Tips and Tricks

For additional tips and tricks on The Elder Scrolls: Blade check this awesome video by CamelWorks!

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