Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in AFK Arena & Tier List

afk arena best characters heroes tips and guide

AFK Arena is a straightforward game: it attracts you in with the pretense of casual, lighthearted fun, but ruthlessly pulls the rug from your feet when you approach the most challenging stages. For a game that principally plays itself, it’s quite hard to progress through its levels. Although today we are here with some quick tips and a tier list to help you improve in the game!

Summon Heroes In Batches Of 10

Even though gems are considered to be the principal and premium currency in the game, the developers offered the opportunity of getting a ton of them for free. Once you spend a few hours playing the game, you will inevitably end up owning more than 5,400 gems, which will allow you to get two batches of 10 heroes.

Remember to only buy heroes in batches of 10 from the Noble Tavern. Why? Because you will have a 100% chance of dropping a rare hero. Moreover, you will be paying less compared to unlocking a single hero each time.

Best Heroes To Begin With In AFK Arena

Add 30 Friends As Soon As Possible

To get more heroes, you need more friends. Why? How? Friends can gift you with hearts, which you can use them to buy heroes from the store. Include only people who will daily gift you in your friend list and always keep it updated. You only have a low chance of dropping an Elite rarity hero using those token, but it is still worth the try! No real-life friends playing AFK Arena? No problem, go to the in-game chat and post “add me.”

Level Up Your Main Heroes

You can only have a maximum of 5 heroes in your team even though there is a considerable number of different heroes available in the game. Thus, only level up your main heroes and save your resources!

It is always hard to decide on the formation of your team. But there are must-follow rules that you need to stick to, and To trash the old tier heroes once you get Ascended ones falls under these rules! Thus, always prioritize higher rarity!

Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in AFK Arena & Tier List 4

However, when it comes to putting in play rarity effective, things get perplexing. Don’t panic! We have colors to guide us ! As a beginner, you will seek to obtain Rare Heroes, later on, you can aim for Elite-Purple-Colored heroes or even above! Remember, better rarity equals better stats!

Keep in mind that epic heroes always have a total of stats that outweighs rare ones. In other words, Always seek to level up and develop your highest heroes rarity while considering their stats, skills, and type!

AFK Arena Tier List & Best Heroes

In AFK Arena there are tons of heroes, you can choose from. For a detailed AFK Arena Tier List please visit this unofficial website page:

Join A Guild

No matter how small a guild can be, you will still be able to earn fantastic gifts in respect to the guild level and monsters unlocked! Thus, for more reward, you need to be more active! It will surely help progress sooner or later!

How To Enhance Your Gear In AFK Arena

When you advance in the game and acquire high rarity equipment and so on, you can enchant them as by doing so you will improve the stats of your heroes.

How can you do it? Well, all you have to do is tab and tap one of the equipments that you wish to upgrade. You will notice an “Enhance” button in that interface. It will allow you to stuff. You are no longer required to provide more stars to have better gear.

Collect Your AFK Arena Rewards

As the name implies, the game continues heaping rewards even when you cannot afford to play actively. Try to gather those prizes as they are incredibly valuable: you can always gather them from the Campaign menu, by clicking on the Chest.

Use Items In Your Bag

Don’t forget to check your bag now and then as you will pile up some essential items there. Out of the ones that you can utilize, the hourglasses are the most significant, as they give you a couple of long stretches of gold ahead of time.Be patient and avoid using them early: More patient means more gold! The amount earned will increase per minute!

How To Retire Heroes In AFK Arena

The Rickety Cart is where you can “retire” champions. This implies eradicating heroes to receive a few assets in return. Out of these assets, the most significant is the Hero’s Essence, which is a must to be able to raise your heroes levels.

In spite of the fact that you will inevitably begin retiring Blue heroes, you should only seek to retire Green one’s game early until you fully comprehend how the game functions and which heroes are most suited for your team.

Try not to hurry to retire already unlocked heroes, because you need the duplicates to Ascend your Heroes and improve them in the Temple of Ascension!

Tips And Cheats To Progress And Level Up Quicly In Afk Arena

Build The Best Team Considering The Synergy

As soon as you advance in the game and you acquire various heroes, it will be time to think about building up teams using the right combinations of heroes. This may be not explicitly featured in the game but bear in mind that depending on your team formation, you will get bonuses. For example, having all your heroes belong to the same factions will result in increasing their attack and health by 25% while only having 4 champions from the same camp would merely benefit you with a 15% attack boost and a 20% Health bonus.

You may have some issues as the Hypogean heroes (the one with that purple icon), will not trigger any other faction’s factional bonuses. However, they have a unique specialty which adds a bonus to each champion based on your team members.

  • 1 Hypogean heroes will add 30 % of your defense as a bonus
  • 2 Hypogean heroes will add energy recovery when damaged by 25%
  • 3 Hypogean heroes will improve the critical rating by 15%
  • 4 Hypogean heroes will improve the Critical Strike Damage by 30%
  • 5 Hypogean heroes will improve speed by 15

Having this in mind, while building your dream team in AFK Arena would benefit you with outstanding bonuses!

AFK Arena Beginners Tips And Tricks

Take Part In The Arcane Labyrinth

Once you unlock the Bounty Board, it is time to ignore the campaign and focus on Dark Forest Special Areas.

The most significant is the Arcane Labyrinth, where your objective is that of getting quite far within 48 hours. A short time later, the Labyrinth resets and you need to begin once again. Other territories in the Dark Forest are useful for remunerations as well, so ensure you play them all before concentrating on the Campaign when you get sufficiently far

What Are Unions And How To Use Them In AFK Arena

Unions are accessible in the Library and they are putting forth for you huge rewards on the off chance that you figure out how to set up the required group. The uplifting news here is that your companions can choose mercenaries to impart with you. Once you unlock all the Unions in the game, all of you can profit!

You need to get a higher level! Why? Because the boosts from Unions are extraordinary, Don’t slack and try to have as much as possible of actives at all times. Furthermore, keep checking your mercenaries lists to be fully confident that your friends are given the best options in your heroes list.

This would sum up our current AFK Arena tips and tricks.

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