Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List

Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List 4

Understand Each Class Role

Balance is the most crucial thing to consider when assembling a team, and in order to perform such balance in Soul Seeker, you must have Six Knights; however, you must first perceive the different roles. The six jobs in Soul Seeker are Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Each role has its pros and cons; maintaining a team with a good mixture of each class would help ensure a balanced team.

The Different Heroes In Soul Seeker: Six Knights

There are six classes that your heroes can use. They include Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support. Each role has distinct pros and cons, and it is well worth having a squad that includes a decent classes balance.

Each hero belongs to one among five elements too, which are Water, Fire, Air, Dark, or Light. Each element is strong and weak against specific another element, which adds another layer of intensity to battles. To add more heroes to your team, you need to gather certain amounts of Soul Stones as well; the more coveted the character, the more they will cost.

Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List 5

Remember though; your team cannot surpass six members. Your primary and secondary squads equally share that number. You can take make use of the potential of your entire sets by utilizing the Tag System too. You can do this by observing the tag gauge once it’s full, you can switch from your primary to your secondary team in case they are flagging.

It is worth noting that new heroes are invincible for one second when they enter arenas for the first time too. You may not have much choice during the early game, but it is a sound idea to begin balancing your team’s elements as soon as possible in order to avoid vulnerability to a particular element.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights Tier List

There are different heroes you can choose from in Soul Seeker: Six Knights, but each of them has different stats and powers. Here is a few links to a Soul Seeker: Six Knights Tier List

Upgrade Your Characters

Now that you have a strong squad assembled, you should turn your attention to strengthening them; there are three ways to accomplish that.
The first one is by evolving and leveling up your characters. Using them in battle is enough so they can level up by earning experience.

The second way to improve your team is by providing the best equipment for each member. Over 270 pieces of equipment are available in the game, weapons, boots, gauntlets and body armor included. You can equip, combine, and upgrade your equipment in order to become stronger. You should keep in mind that two pieces of equipment sharing a name will not necessarily share the stats. Always pay attention to the stats of the equipment that you find, and choose the one with better numbers.

Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List 6

Lastly, upgrading your runes is the third option. Over 135 runes are available, each possessing its unique impact. Wisely choosing your runes will maximize the team’s combat ability. Similarly to equipment, you can combine the runes to create stronger ones. Various ratings exist for equipment and runes, and combining will increase the rating’s quality, so make sure you do so whenever possible.

Be Wise When Battling

Regardless of how strong your characters are, some struggle is unavoidable if you do not have a strategy in mind. Anticipate different outcomes and make sure you are always a few steps ahead of your opponent; this is where your elements knowledge enters the scene. For instance, you will notice that your Light attribute heroes are good at annihilating ranged attacks, so if you combine that ability with stun, you will obtain a speed boost. Another example is the Water attribute characters’ ability to block ranged attacks, and taking advantage of such ability will allow you to deal consistent damage to your opponents.

Another strategy to be considered is teamwork. To do that, ensure the effective use of the Link system. You can connect up to three heroes together and give them different buffs. There is also a Tag function that enables you to summon your supporting heroes, but the tag bar must be filled before you can call in someone in from the backline. When you successfully tag someone in, they will become invincible for one second, so use the right momentum, and you will be able to use that one second to turn the tables.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights Extra Tips And Tricks For Runes, Skills and Events

Recruiting New Characters

Your starting team may be useful for a while, but you should not think of them as your late-game heroes. Carry on recruiting new characters to follow up with the increasingly difficult game levels. You will need to gather Soul Stones to recruit a new character. More Soul Stones will be required to recruit rarer heroes.

However, all that hard work in gathering stones will be worth it after you have higher star rating heroes since they will be much stronger. Three-star heroes can use up to three skills while four-star heroes will only learn up to four skills, so you must aim for a full lineup of five-star heroes because they can use up to five skills at once.

Explore The Different Game Modes

There are many game modes in Soul Seeker: Six Knights. The first one follows the campaign story, where you will spend most of your early game. However, as you get stronger, it is a great idea to start testing your skills in other modes. For example, the PVP arena not only gives you bragging rights whenever you defeat other players, but you also get to earn some loots while you’re at it. Try the Temple of Hermes and the Devil’s Dungeon in order to get goodies that would not normally drop in the campaign stages.

Tips, Cheats and Guide on How to Play in Soul Seeker: Six Knights & Tier List 7

Use The Tag System At His Full Potential

Use your team’s full potential through the Tag System. When the tag gauge is filled up, you can tag your secondary team in for your primary group this is hugely helpful if your first group of characters is struggling. When the new heroes enter they’re invincible for one second too use this to your advantage!

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