Top 5 Best DLCs in Fallout 3

Top 5 Best DLCs in Fallout 3
Top 5 Best DLCs in Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is a grand game on its own right. However, much like other games of the same genre, sometimes DLC makes it even better. This holds true for Fallout 3 as well, as it has really entertaining DLC (alongside a few rotten eggs), which will be ranked in this list.

5. Mothership Zeta

mothership zeta

Starting this list off with Mothership Zeta. Mothership Zeta is arguably the worst out of the bunch. The beauty of Fallout is in player interaction and the consequences of our actions. Not to mention how frail and fragile this desolate world is.

There is a sense of realism to this fantastical post-apocalyptic setting. A realization that stays with you for the course of the game. That is, until this DLC. While a great idea in conception, Mothership Zeta is a linear nightmare. It strips down Player Interaction to the minimum, and exchanges it with more raw action.

Mothership Zeta has nothing to it, except the surreal alien look. Which is immediately discarded once you’re done. The problem lies in how much it expects you to simply follow a linear path, rather than letting your choices matter more.

4. Operation Anchorage

Operation Anchorage fallout 3

The 4th DLC is Operation Anchorage. Much like Mothership Zeta, Operation Anchorage is also a linear mess. However, where Mothership Zeta is limited, Operation Anchorage offers a lot of exciting things.

The liberation of Anchorage is such a genuinely excellent idea. It’s an event in the Fallout history that we get to experience in all its glory. Admittedly, its pure raw fanservice, however, the fact Bethesda somehow managed to make it lore-friendly and believable gives it a lot of points. As aforementioned, it shares the same problems with Mothership Zeta in its linearity.

However, the fact it allows for some exploration and diversity makes it stand out. For example, you can customize your own squad. And the reward is well worth it anyway. The Chinese Stealth Suit is easily one of the best armors in-game.

3. Welcome to The Pitt

welcome to the pitt fallout 3 dlc

Next up is The Pitt. “Welcome to The Pitt,” it ominously reads, as you enter the bridge. The DLC is far more interesting than perhaps all five DLC. It has one of the most satisfying endings as it does almost everything right to a dot.

Much like the other DLCs, it also offers a plethora of new weapons, which really set the tone of a post-apocalyptic world. In fact, I’d argue that the whole DLC seems to carry more wasteland-esque feel to it, than even the main game. This DLC doesn’t offer a lot of variety to the table, but what it proposes is most certainly quality.

However, there is still a lot to do in The Pitt, and you’ll most likely never get bored of it. In its quality > quantity approach, it delivers a marvelous, epic main Quest, finishing with a moral choice at the end.

2. Broken Steel

fallout 3 Broken Steel

Second, we have Broken Steel. Before I start, did you know after completing the main quest, it wasn’t possible to resume the game afterward? Meaning you’d have to load a previous save and keep playing without ever finishing the main quest. While not a wise decision per se, you have to realize that the preceding two Fallout games also ended after the Main Quest.

Perhaps Bethesda wanted to be in roots with them, as it was their first try at this IP. So credits to them, because they actually listened to the fans and delivered a DLC which not only lets you continue the main game but also ups the level cap. From 20 to 30. This is why Broken Steel is such a central DLC to the game, and if you’re playing Fallout 3 for the first time, you must have the DLC installed as well.

Not only that, but it also brings new weapons and enemies to the table while physically changing some things in the Wasteland. Plus the main quest brings back Liberty Prime, everyone’s favorite robot boy. Look at him. Destroy the Enclave, wooo! You g-oh…

Well, as the outstanding robot says: “Better dead than Red.” Can I get an F in chat, please?

1. Point Lookout

fallout 3 point lookout best dlc

Finally, Point Lookout is the best DLC. At least, subjectively. Point Lookout brings out a new map, to satiate our inner exploration lust. It has an astounding main questline, unseen in the main game, as it brings new weapons and enemies. Alongside, a plethora of different sceneries, which served as a fresh contrast to the Capital.

As with other DLCs you can travel to this swampy area anytime. Point Lookout serves as a place that wasn’t touched by the bombs but was left alone by humans anyway. It really felt like a different experience, and a DLC anyone would love to play again and again. Did you know it takes 30 days (in game-time) to travel to Point Lookout?

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