Top Fun and Amazing Challenges to Play in The Sims 4

Top Fun and Amazing Challenges to Play in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows for quite the lot of replayability, that much is undeniable. However, replayability in a sandbox is dependent on how you play it. This is something that can be elevated with ‘Challenges.’ Self-imposed restrictions or tasks that make or break a game. If you’ve ever familiar with “Nuzlocke”; a sort of Pokemon Hard Mode, then you already know where I’m going with this, but otherwise, these are some Challenges that are not only fun but can also be demanding enough to bring a unique, more distinct experience when playing The Sims 4.

The Legacy Challenge

Starting with the classic is the Legacy Challenge. While it sounds deviously simple, this is far harder than it appears. Basically, the gist of it is that you must take a Sim and follow it for ten generations. Meaning you get to experience how the family tree grows and how the families behave around one another and everything like that. It’s a fresh, unique experience that brings to light more what families are capable of offering and fulfills this sense of closure. Oh, the real trial is having this limited amount of money and getting no outside help or using cheats to help fix your problems for you.

The Black Widow Challenge

The next one is for the ladies: The Black Widow Challenge. This challenge is pretty impressive. It tasks you with finding out how many males you can marry, kill, and then live off their riches. To do this, you must start as a young adult female, who must have the materialistic, snob, and romantic traits and should have aspirations to be a Serious Romantic. You can’t let her have money from outside sources, especially jobs. Her only means of income is via the method above. There’s a lot of fun with this mod that goes hand in hand with experimentation. Try it out!

The 100 Baby Challenge

Next up is the 100 Baby Challenge. Tell me honestly what your imagination is telling you right now. Well, it’s precisely that, but the chances are you view it as something relatively easy. It’s not. It’s really not. In fact, this challenge is a test of endurance more. It requires you to keep attention continually making sure the queen bee is popping out babies while you change diapers and feed the rest of the infants. To put it mildly, this challenge can be a massive pain, but hey struggle is what you came for, no?

The Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge is another hard challenge that really tests your patience and endurance. Part of the Sims experience is keeping your Sims happy at all times. This is made redundantly harder with this challenge as your Sim will be void of all human comforts. What you need to do for this mod is to take away everything from your Sims. Literally, everything. You will have to resort to cheats for that. Next, is the grueling part. You can’t let them have a job, but they can do ‘homeless’ things like collecting, etc. It’s possible with this mod to eventually reach a state where everything is better, but that’s the challenge. To make your Sim go from homeless to being decent. Of course, that requires a lot of time and dedication.

The Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge is next, with this challenge basically destroying everything. This challenge can be pretty complicated for anyone new to it, as it has a lot of rules. Your job is to take an impaired community and rebuild it. What makes it harder is that almost everything has a specific restriction behind it, meaning you’ll have to work even more and level up these characters to unlock certain things. Such as showering which is unlocked once your Sim reaches level 10. This challenge can be hard, but it well makes up for it by introducing great stories and lore that can be told around campfires. Part of the experience is knowing the unknown.

The Four Immortal Sister Challenge

Time for an exciting one that might get anyone psyched up for it. The Four Immortal Sisters challenge basically tasks you with, well, four sisters. They each represent a power of nature (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) and thus have respective skills and roles to them. For example, Fire is required to have children. Air is the tutor. Water is the caretaker of the house, while Earth is the gardener and the only one who can find cowplant, which is necessary, because your job is to lure people to them so they can produce the “essence of life” which, in turn, allows you to maintain your immortality. The challenge ends when Fire’s daughters replace all of the townsfolk. Isn’t this a great challenge, now?

The Asylum Challenge

The Asylum Challenge comes next. This is a personal favorite as it asks you to take control of asylum and place some Sims in there with the insane trait. Your challenge is to pick one Sim and control it and leave the asylum by completing their aspiration. This challenge isn’t strict like the others, and what makes it so great is the randomized effect it offers. Insanity is unpredictable and hard to control, and this challenge brings that to life by providing a unique experience. Good luck getting yourself out from this crazy town.

The Serial Killer Challenge

There are many other challenges too, one another that’s good is the Serial Killer challenge, which tasks you to murder as many Sims as possible within three weeks. For this challenge, you must play the serial killer. You need to invite unsuspecting victims into your house, and then murder them. This challenge has a set of rules and further additional objectives that are pretty cruel, so if you like that sort of thing, then this is the challenge for you.

The Truman Show Challenge

Have you ever watched The Truman Show? A classic featuring Jim Carrey, and one of his most excellent movies. The Truman Show is basically about, Truman, living his normal life not knowing that it’s being orchestrated by other people who view his daily life as a TV show. This is all without his knowledge, of course, to bring the authentic experience. Sound familiar? Because in a sense, that’s precisely what The Sims is all about, no? Well, this challenge called The Truman Show Challenge does that, but more. Instead of you directly controlling a Sim, you must control OTHER Sims and influence this one targetted Sim via them. This is really unique in its presentation and a blast to toy around with. Definitely, a challenge that everyone should try at least once.

And that’s all for this list. Thanks for reading.

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