Trinity Seven Season 2: Has The Release Date Been Postponed?

Trinity Seven Season 2: Has The Release Date Been Postponed? 4

What happened to the confirmed release date of the sequel to Trinity Seven on 11 April 2019? Trinity Seven Season 2 was confirmed by the officials to release in April 2019, but so far we have not received any news regarding Trinity Seven Season 2.

Trinity Seven is a Japanese manga series by Kenji Saito and art by Akanari Nao. It was adapted into a light novel in 2014 by the people as mentioned earlier. It was also adapted into an anime comprising of 12 episodes by Seven Arcs Pictures and aired from October 8, 2014, to December 24, 2014.

Later on, two movies were released under the name of the show. This show was loved very much by the fans as proven by MyAnimeList, where it has a high score of 7.38.

Trinity Seven Plot – What Fans Have Seen So Far

On a typical day, the sun suddenly stopped shining, which caused the “Breakdown Phenomenon” the destruction and disappearance of Arata Kasugi’s hometown and the people in it. But not everything is lost yet; Arata’s world gets reconstructed artificially by using the grimoire that was given to him by Hijiri Kasuga, Arata’s childhood friend and cousin.

In a pursuit for a reason to this weird phenomenon, Lilith Asami approaches Arata, whose artificial world suddenly begins to disintegrate. He is made to choose between two choices: either he hands over the book or die.

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Trinity Seven Season 2: Has The Release Date Been Postponed? 5

But Arata chooses neither and enrolls in Biblia Academy, a top-secret magic school. There await him six other magic users; who along with Lilith form the Trinity Seven, the best of the school who each have their own unique and powerful skills and abilities.

The story of Trinity Seven Season 1 follows Arata Kasugi, who has the ambition of saving Hijiri along with his new friends in a quest to prevent the destruction of his hometown and to bring his best friend back.

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Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

When the sequel to Trinity Seven was announced, it was postponed because the producers were waiting for more volumes of the manga to be published so that they could use it as source material as they lacked in it. The officials finally confirmed that Trinity Seven Season 2 would release on 11 April 2019.

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But as we know, that did not happen as more than two months have passed and we still haven’t received any updates regarding Trinity Seven Season 2. The following information is all based on speculation and has not been confirmed by the officials. This could be due to a multitude of reason. Firstly, they may have found that the source material that they got was not sufficient enough to be adapted or maybe not much could be adapted due to it not being eventful.

Trinity Seven Season 2: Has The Release Date Been Postponed? 6

Somewhere, somehow they may not have found the source material either adequate and/or sufficient. It could be because Trinity Seven Season 2 might comprise of 24-25 episodes, unlike its predecessor. This may be due to Seven Arcs Pictures wanting to take a break from Trinity Seven for a while as they might have other projects to work on or other reasons; making an anime of 24-25 episodes will give them about six months until the show finishes airing.

Or else this could be because they want to conclude the movie and thus making it long to put in enough information for a proper ending to the series. Another reason, why they may not have released it on time may be so that the movie that was recently released, Trinity Seven: Heavens Library and Crimson Lord, on March 29, 2019, would have more time to be processed and more attention would be given to it rather than being overshadowed by the sequel.

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Coming to when Trinity Seven Season 2 will be released, we can rest assured that it will be released soon. We are positive about a sequel being released by the end of 2019 or at latest, early 2020. Then again, we never know what the officials have planned.

Trinity Seven Trailer

If you haven’t watched the first season of Trinity Seven here is a short trailer of this awesome anime. 🙂


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When will trinity seven season 2 will be reaseled


Still awaiting official announcement


There was never any confirmation that we were getting a season 2, I’ve been following this show since January of 2018 and back then articles were saying the confirmed release date was April 11th 2018 and that passed and then people literally just changed the year to 2019 and it still never came. The funniest thing is nobody ever provides the source to this so called “official confirmation”.


Hi Eric you are totally right! That’s why we’ve stated, that the various release dates were based on speculation.

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