Where to Find The Hammer of Olympus in The Outer Worlds

Where to Find The Hammer of Olympus in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds had recently been released on all major consoles and PC. Widely considered as a sort of spiritual successor to the highly acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, it sets out to deliver yet another exciting adventure. Colorful and vibrant, the game is filled to the brim with secrets, most of which give you access to some of the best weapons. Such as the Hammer of Olympus.

The Hammer of Olympus is a unique weapon which has a 175 Shock DPS (Damage Per Second), which makes it very good against robots, in particular. It also possesses a unique skill “Stun,” which, as the name implies, stuns enemies. It’s a two-handed melee weapon capable of unleashing hell upon your enemies upon being successfully used. You can also use it to get the “Short Circuit” trophy/achievement, which asks you to “Kill 30 automechanicals with shock damage.”

Where Can I Find The Hammer of Olympus?

You can find the Hammer of Olympus near the Devil Peaks Summit, which is in Southern Monarch Wilderness. You have to traverse to the area called “Sundered Rock” which won’t have a fast-travel to it, so you will have to walk to it. However, it will be marked on the map so you can use that for easy access. You want to climb the place, so you reach a point where you are overlooking it. It will be in between two boulders, just lying there ready for you to take it. It is just northeast of Devil Peaks Station. Just pick the weapon up and enjoy it!

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